Why mirrorless cameras are taking over

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While mirrorless cameras have been rising in popularity since at least 2013, driven in large part by Sony’s A7 and Panasonic’s GH cameras, this past year feels like the start of this camera format becoming dominant. Both Nikon and Canon, the last major manufacturers to avoid the full-frame mirrorless market, released feature-packed cameras complete with radically new designs and lens mounts, and we’ve seen ambitious new models from Fujifilm and Panasonic that bring features not before seen in DSLRs. Traditional DSLRs aren’t going anywhere for a while, but expect to see more and more mirrorless designs from all these companies.

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2,916 thoughts on “Why mirrorless cameras are taking over

  1. Thanks! That was good information, especially as I’m considering stepping from 5D Mark IV to the R6 from Canon in 2020

  2. hi..what kind of camera can you recommend if i would like to shoot pictures of clouds sunset and moon.? thank you..

  3. People pushing mirrorless cameras are usually new to photography and depend on the camera and software to take pictures…fake photographers…

  4. Marketing brainwashed everyone that “mirrorless is the future”, therefore everyone is buying into hype.
    I probably will be forced to move to mirrorless someday simply because companies don’t add as many cool features to DSLR’s anymore and abandon them in general in favor of selling more new mirrorless products. Tho I don’t see how technically anything can stop them from making a similar powerful DSLR as well. 1DX3 is example. Tho it’s overkill for the most.

    1. First and only future of any camera is to make a picture! But DSLR bring us huge quantities of abilities. And finally, rangefinder (mirrorless) bring us only relative small size, and lot of disabilities… That is a difference!

  5. I accidently flipped the mirror on a new nikon camera. It would not go return where it was supposed to. I took it back were i purchased it and they replaced it! I had taken the lense off and saw it flipped up.

  6. I have an old Nikon D300 and a fujifilm xt200. I love using the fuji when it comes to travelling since its so compact. When it comes to regular photos I prefer using my Nikon

  7. i think this conversation would of gone on in the 80s when digital was overtaking film, now a good film camera is excellent, a good dslr over 6.3 mp is all most will need, its just the shift, in 10 years time we will all shoot mirrorless, and in 20-30 years time a camera will be incorporated into your glasses, i won’t see that to old the now, but its the manufactures that want change, they need to sell new cameras, what a waste of great glass that won’t be compatible in the future,

  8. I am a DSLR user. A mirrorless guy said to me before, looking at my DSLR, that mirrorless was killing DSLR. However, DSLR is still there exerting strong power, while a couple of days ago, the 2nd largest mirrorless camera brand, Olympus, had died first, probably for good unless Canon would act as the 2nd buyer. LOL.
    Every year, and years over years, they said mirrors would catch up with DSLR soon, but they are just falling behind, all the time. What a joke!

  9. The best part about mirrorless is that now used DSLRs and old lenses are getting cheap enough for me to afford, lol.

  10. Just to bring a bad news—Olympus, one of the main M4/3 mirrorless camera manufacturer, just died officially
    yesterday.  Condolence!

    Which will be the next one in line?  Of course, it will not be DSLR, but the rest
    of mirrorless camera.  Please look at the
    fact that increasing quantity of cell phones killed the tablet, but not the
    desktop.  Mirrorless is just an advanced dummy
    camera with image quality just a little bit better than cell phones, but more
    and more people are buy cell phones to take photos due to their portability,
    while mirrorless camera’s photo sharpness and quality fail to catch up with
    DSLR ,along with mirrorless’ shutter/motion lag, heavy and more expensive lens,
    power consuming LCD screen, although mirrorless cameras have been claiming, each
    year for about 10 years period, that their quality are almost catch up with

    Besides, what you see through DSLR’s view finder is a whole
    big world; however, what you can see through mirrorless is a 3-inch tiny spot
    🙁  It’s evident which can focus easier
    and better.  Mirrorless claim they have the
    eye tracking system.  I say that’s not
    the case.  Although mirrorless alleges
    they can recognize human’s eyes, but recognizing is one thing, yet how well and
    how sharp they can focus on the eyes is another thing.

    Again, mirrorless is just an advanced dummy camera, which is
    sandwiched by both DSLR and cell phone, and both will evolve too!

  11. Far from it.

    And the year now is 2020, DSLR is still robust, but here’s a really bad news for mirrorless cameras, OLYMPUS just officially DIED yesterday–it sold its imagaing business to JIP, although Olympus had been claiming their business will still thrive, no matter what 🙁

  12. Hey there!! GREAT VIDEO. Thanks for sharing. Very well explained. I would like to have your recommendation on a new Nikon camera to upgrade my gear. I am a Nikon user since many years (D7100, Sigma 18-35 f/1.8), and I am interested in a full frame format one as to be my primary camera. I mostly do street photography, portraits, travel, etc. Do you recommend the Z6 Mirrorless over s D780 DSLR? I pretend to keep my crop sensor D7100 as my 2nd camera. Thanks in advance for your advice!

  13. Very annoying, whatever camera or thing you buy, there is always a pro and a con. technology can be a nightmare. it would be nice to have something that is the best for at least 10 years

  14. This was an absolutely excellent video! Perfectly explains everything with really choice B-roll and everyday lingo. Seriously I wish more tech/product explanation videos were as good as this 🙂

  15. Great video, these focusing terms will help if I ever decide to go mirror less. Right now I’m sticking to DSLRs, I just can afford to re-stock on a whole new set of lenses. Another issue I have with mirror less is the battery life and the EVF (electronic view finder) although I heard things have gotten better. When I go out and take pictures an optical viewfinder helps me feel and become part of the scene, with an EVF I feel like an odd guy peeping in…

  16. I’m surprised nothing was mentioned about Olympus mirrorless cameras …since they seem to be getting popular …. and though great info…now its tough to decide between a dslr and mirrorless…

  17. I will never go mirrorless until the cameras look, feel and and have the same exact ergonomics as a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras are way to square and small for my hands. Plus them being smaller now and all the buttons and switches are totally changed I would not get use to. So in other words Canon needs to make a 1D, 5D or 7D series body camera with a mirrorless senior and then I will buy one. For now I have 5 DSLR’s that will last me for many more years to come.

    1. Pretty sure both Canon and Nikon build their mirrorless systems to resemble the DSLR as much as possible, it’s only Fuji and Sony that are compact.

  18. Very informative thanks for this. I am looking to get into photography as a hobby and was looking at the Canon EOS 200D II. Maybe now I am thinking a mirrorless camera might be the way to go.

  19. Best option…..buy a DSLR and also a small camera. The mirrorless are smaller, but not that small. You end up with the worst of both worlds with mirrorless….a fairly bulky product without direct through the lens viewing.

  20. Hi mate! Great video, there is something you didn’t said, mirrorless tend to get more dust on the sensor while changing the lens on field since they don’t have a mirror in front and since there is no other way to see true the lens the sensor is always exposed. I had to clean my sensor more than once a year with my Sony a7, i have never cleaned in my reflex tho, And sometimes i need to check if the sensor is clean before going out for shooting, it became a paranoia after I got some pic with dust on it, that lead to annoying post production. Btw Leica is also a big chunk of the mirrorless world especially with the SL2. Keep it up 🙂

  21. I know Pentax is not the giat it once was, but not mentioning them is a disservice. IBS on their DSLR has been a mainstay from the beginning allowing stabilization on every lens, including the old screw mount lenses.

  22. Thanks for the information. So glad that I decided to go mirrorless when I purchased a new camera. Not looking back one minute. You have stimulated me enough to try my hand at videography!

  23. The other perk, for me, is that the mirrorless cameras are smaller, lighter, and don’t draw attention to themselves. I’m an Olympus fan.

  24. Hi, If I use lens adaptors, will the autofocus won’t work completely? or it ill be slightly reduced?

  25. Mirrorless may be becoming more popular but to say they are taking over is misleading and outright false. They may be more popular with novices and slightly more advanced amateurs but it is silly to say they are taking over the advanced amateur and professional markets.

  26. Day dreaming is good for health. It enables you have sufficient rest-time that the body needs.
    The first commercially marketed mirrorless camera was the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1, released in Japan in October 2008. That means this type of camera has been around for 13 years but everyone didn’t jump on it. The market is still 75% DSLR despite the noisy chorus by manufactures and their paid agents. Granted few people will embrace mirrorless due to the hype however, many of them will return to DSLRs sooner than later. Here are five major limitations of the mirrorless system:
    Short battery life
    Lens change exposes sensor to dirt both from outside and inside
    Viewfinder LED light close to eyes might be carcinogenic
    Toy-like feeling in the palms
    Real-time view is still missing and perhaps will always remain so

  27. Wow, I went down a rabbit hole in this one. I’m trying to upgrade my D3200 witch has a pretty good sensor to a modern mirorless design without a compromise. So as an enthusiast amateur, I understand just enough, to know why I don’t have enough money to buy a Nikon Z6 with a proper lens :)))). Lord have mercy, I haven’t slept right in a week 😛

  28. I need a morrorless camera body that has all the pros of my Nikon D 7200 APS-C DSLR , and that INCLUDES great battery life , twin memory card slots , and a 7 fps winder , not forgetting APS-C lens compatibility ( preferably made by Nikon )

  29. Taking over blah blah blah. You can take equally shitty pictures with either systems if your skills are shitty.

  30. I’ve got an old Canon 7D with Sigma 150-600mm lens that still takes great pics! I’m happy with that! I even still use my Canon SX60! I’m not rich enough to afford world class killer photos!

  31. What I would like to have on a professional camera, Is an operating system like iOS or Android which allows me to install apps (and a corresponding SOC like the A13 or better) that offer functionality where Canon, Nikon, Sony don’t.
    I’m thinking about automatic removing the background in product photos, autostacking of macro or low light shots, programmability of shooting for e.g. timelaps, or automatic capture of motion and shutter release, stitching of photos (stitching, panoramas), and much more that makes computational photography possible.
    Sure, this is also possible in post production, but that costs time, and time is money. They are professional cameras, designed for people who make their money with them.
    Product photos with automatic removing the background in product photos in fractions of a second, and sent directly to the folder on a computer via WLAN saves a lot of Photoshop hours or outsourcing the work to Poland or India.

    The Canon, Nikon, Sony of this world are like the car industry that listens too much to Jeremy Clarksons.

    When a manufacturer puts a smart FF camera on the market that gives me the freedom to install Android or iOS apps on it, I sell all my Canon stuff. Unless it’s Canon.

    Pentax has a very good FF on the market, and one of the best medium format cameras. Unfortunately Ricoh/Pentax is not doing well. If Samsung or Apple bought them, and they put a SOC in there, new operating system on it… Oh what possibilities there would be.
    With a good automatic removing the background in product photos alone, a professional camera would earn itself back within a few months.

  32. buy the most expensive camera you can to keep the camera companys in business. Otherwise nobody would care, because nobody would know and our brain would not have gotten addicted to image quality porn, and we would it would be just as wowed by the photots from less expesnive cameras(ie: ur phone).

  33. The reason why “mirrorless is taking over” is because it’s cheaper to manufacture and can be sold at a greater profit margin. DSLR’s will return once mirrorless stop being a novelty, as they offer a beautiful optical image through the lens. It will probably be a feature ;).

    1. No, you are incorrect. When you look through an optical viewfinder and through the lens you are exposing your retina to a natural image and benefit from the optical and neural processing of your human visual system. When you look at an electronic viewfinder you are coupling your visual system to an electronic system. Be it as good as it may be, it will never be the same as a purely optical image, and will always be a bottleneck with respect to spatial detail, temporal delay, dynamic range, spectral rendition, and other factors.

  34. You had me at cameras running Linux.
    Great video by the way. Relevant, concise and able to convey information without confusing the viewer.

  35. Thank you for a very informative and entertaining video, in fact, I enjoyed it so much I subscribed!!!

  36. My mirrorless camera is an SJCAM (like GoPro) It has wireless and Image Stabilization but looks more like a prize you’d pull out of a Cracker Jacks box. Too bad you can’t find serious lenses for this HD “camera”

  37. Sony does not make a camera called the Sony a. It’s called the Sony alpha. Not the same thing. Close, but not the same. Makes me wonder about the veracity of the rest of the video if he can’t even get the camera model right.

  38. Seems that mirrorless is all about video, which is what interests YouTube video makers, of course. I don’t care; as a stills photographer I’m pleased to hear @15:30 that video-oriented cameras are evolving away from stills-oriented ones. I’m tired of hearing about video. Who knows? video-oriented cameras will evolve fixed microphones, power zooming, lose the “film chambers” and Lo and Behold! the VideoCam is re-invented!

  39. @9:40 – Shame you didn’t do a tiny bit of research first. Canon & Nikon might not have used In-body stabilisation but it has been used for years by Pentax, Olympus and Fuji. It was in fact invented and used by Minolta, which is why Sony (who bought Minolta) went with it. It is _not_ a difference between mirrorless and DSLR.

    1. Dreas_dreas people hate to hear it because all there gear is for DSLR’s. I hated it at first but I am expecting it

  40. Can you pls tell me about Sony a5100 camera as I am planning to buy. I need a budget camera but with reasonably good

  41. Now someone can tell me why should I switch off IS on my 70-200 f/2.8, if switching it on gives me better images? Why give the consumer this choice?

  42. Has this guy never heard of Pentax? They’ve been using in-camera stabilisation since the start.
    Even my 50 year old full manual lens can take advantage of it, and cancel my shakes…

  43. Mirrorless just shits on DSLR which forced Leica to hop on board to what Sony is doing I mean that just says it all

  44. My biggest concern with mirrorless is the size. I wear a 2XL glove, most mirrorless are half the size of a DSLR. Canon’s R series seems to have kept a similar size to the DSLR.

  45. Thank you for a great informative video. More viewers than you might realize would much rather you not talk over music, especially the fast tempo music. Why the music anyway?

  46. we get closer and closer to the all in 1 smartphone. a couple of years ago, LG tried to make their phones modular, it failed unfortunately but i think its coming back. lenses!

  47. Because we are living a consumer life style that things last only for 1 year after that is garbage !

  48. I’m very new to this camera stuff and know nothing on which to buy. I’m trying to buy a camera that can capture basketball games and sometimes filming friends doing crazy things and can capture things that are moving fast without losing focus and still having good quality and I’m trying to buy camera $500 and under if anyone can help me out I’d appreciate it?

    1. I would probably say look for a canon. I use Nikon but canon has much better cameras for that price range while have amazing features like there Auto focus. Can’t tell the exact camera atm

  49. What a great video! It makes me want to move up from my Samsung cell phone to a mirrorless camera with no SLR in between. That’s salesmanship!

  50. You need to ask yourself something first, especially if you have thousands of dollars in hi-end SLRs and lenses. Is the mirrorless camera going to make my pictures better? Or should I be spending that money on some photography classes, or even books? Personally I feel the camera companies created mirrorless for two reasons. One, to sell people product they don’t really need so they can make money. Two, Ditto, Ditto. After shooting SLRs for over thirty years, and my preference for big durable SLR bodies, I already know the answer for me. Now my 27yo daughter would probably buy one right away if she was into photography. I love her dearly, but she has a bunch of latest greatest stuff collecting dust. The only way I would recommend going mirrorless is if you have a bunch of crop-sensor gear and are going full frame. Even then it’s a toss up IMHO.

    1. I am in the same boat, I have also invested thousands in SLR gear… but mirrorless is the future just like Digital compared to film. I didn’t like the idea at first but it’s how it is, also you can get adapters for you lenses

  51. Looks like that stabilization shot was filmed at Yerba Buena Gardens! I am hopelessly torn between Sony and Canon… and every video seems to root me deeper into my decision… Ahhhh! I know it depends on “the photographer and preference” but I just cant seem to choose.. And I feel like this decision pretty much dictates who you’ll stay with in the long term..

  52. what mirroless would do for me is that if I tried shooting video the way I would like to do a video, it would allow me to focus through the viewfinder while shooting video. Otherwise there’s no clear advantage.

  53. Another blatant money-making INFOMERCIAL by another YouTube con-man. Just read the description.

  54. I’m pretty sure that I can explain the differences and subsequent advantages and disadvantages between the two in a matter of a few sentences. Mirrorless cameras suffer less from camera shake, and you can view the image continuously while the shutter is open. Traditional SLR’s have an amount of camera shake, you cannot see what is being taken while the shutter is open, but you are viewing the actual scene rather than a representation of it on a TV. If I am correct then I can save some people seventeen minutes of their time.

    1. @Ken Jackson To be fair, I skipped all of the content. I would be happy to be educated on any additional differences between the two styles, as long as I don’t have to watch a 17 minute video on it.

  55. I had a great experience with Sony alpha 7 and Leica lenses, problematic was Sony menus and the logic behind it!

  56. why? because its cheaper to make.

    end of story, you are welcome 🙂

    Also touching mirrors and sensor is the most unprofessional thing i ever saw in any youtube video so far.
    This makes the youtuber and his channel a complete joke.

    1. @Ken Jackson yeah but the question was not whats the biggest effect to the observer.

      The question was why they take over the market, and they take over the market cause they are WAY cheaper to make without the mirror and glasprsim.

      I am not hating mirrorless, i use a Fuji XT30 as my digicam and i love it 🙂

    2. That’s your takeaway? The biggest effect to the observer is that a group of photographers at a press conference don’t drown out the speaker with the clatter of dropped dinner plates.

  57. If I get another expensive cam (which I doubt) it will be mirror less – easy choice, lighter, thinner, cheaper.

  58. I think you will find the Pentax K-01 was the first mirrorless body stabilised camera. Always a bias for Canon and Nikon.
    Pentax have always used body stabilisation, a much better and cheaper solution than having to build it into each lens. You can also use all the old Pentax lenses from the 1960’s onwards

    1. …. and in-body stabilisation has been used for years by Minolta, Pentax and Olympus – in DSLRs. It is not a difference between DSLRs and Mirrorless except in this guy’s Sony/Nikon/Canon world.

  59. Don’t like the idea of not being able to look through the viewfinder. Hate looking at the digital monitor.

  60. i’m 16 and i’m stuck between getting a canon eos m50 which is a mirrorless camera or a canon dslr ? it’ll be my first proper camera of my own what would you recommend especially for photos i know the eos m50 is really good for videos though

    1. AlexSubscriptions what DSLR do you want. I would say the M50 because soon mirrorless will be every where and you would be ahead because you will already have one!

  61. This dude reminds me of a guy who will tell you what happened in every World Series since 1918. He’s the kind of guy you want to hire to take your SATs for your kids. Even seen the movie “Rainman”?

  62. And then the Canon came with the 90D and the 1DX III, and this was old information. While a mirror is still real time, a mirrorless has delay, because of processing time. DSLR are for the time being here to stay.

  63. So, all my cameras have been mirrorless since my first camera phone. No, better yet, since my first camcorder back in 1990 😌😁

  64. Smaller and quieter for mirrorless, but i don’t like evf’s no matter how bright or how many pixels the have. So for my dslr is monodrome.

  65. It’s “Taking over” because the gearheads that inflated the market are moving on to the next biggest thing while all the real professionals are staying with what works. DSLR’s aren’t dead.

    1. White Boy all the professional as denying it’s the future because they have spent so much money on DLSR’s, People said the same thing about digital when it started taking over film

  66. Cant forget about the Sony SLT…like the A57 that I have..and he didnt mention BSI…back side illuminated sensors like the one at 12:06. I had to say that.

  67. essentially he noted the differences, and so unless those differences are justified with regards to the type of shot you plan to take, both are going to do you equal justice. If you’re just starting out and literally can not choose, i’d suggest choosing one at random and just simply get out there shooting. You could have all the specs and techs explained to you a million different ways, but you wont really know what is best for you until you actually experience both. i’ve been using the same d600 since it came out, and i plan to use it until it literally can not work. sure there have been adances in all the new technology since its release, but it shoots such nice photos, i’ve never felt a need to upgrade.

    i think a lot of times the new tech sounds so glamorous, we forget how good the previous cameras actually are, at least with regards to dslrs that have already had time to be refined.

    just like glass, we hear about the new vrii version or the extra ED glass for nikon, and suddenly those awesome images we use to tout from the af-d version are forgotten. I mean if you have specific reasons for upgrading from the af-d, sure 100 go ahead, but marginally better optics is not one of those things for me.

    sometimes i get so caught up in all the tech comparisons, i forget that all that really matters is the photo or video i get. While the d600 only shoots 1080 and not 4k, i don’t have a display that can make use of 4k, and so me lusting over 4k really does not carry over into anything realistic.

  68. I appreciate your informative video. I am going to take a hard pass on mirrorless for now. I am a creature of habit and cling to my Nikon DSLR’s. I purchased a Coolpix L110 a number of years ago and I wish I had never saw it. It produced substandard images. End of story, I would not even use that camera for snapshots, consequently I am going to be very cautious about jumping on the mirrorless bus.

    1. Meagan Christie coolpixs are not professional cameras. I can understand why it put a bad taste in your mouth

  69. and what situtation need ISO 32000 LOOOOOOOL pitch black. get picture like sunny day? LOOOOL or it look like rainy day LOOOOL mayby snowy day LOOOOL

  70. fantastic video, Im thinking of getting a Canon Ra(for astro only) to supplement my 7ti, and this helped me see why..cheers, subbed!

  71. If you want to make professional level video, you MUST manually control your camera. Manual focus is the base of base. It’s lesson 1.

    1. x1101126 manual focus is not always the best choice, that’s lesson 2. If you are filming a still or planed subject use manual. If not, auto focus

  72. Three words to describe the benefits of a mirror less over a DSLR … lighter, faster, quieter, (as long as you have a good supply of batteries)

  73. I was thinking to buy my own camera and thanks to this guys because he explained everything I wanted to know as newbie in video.

  74. Good video. Going to stick to DSLR, battery life is EXTREMELY important for me. Also there are simply way more lenses available for the DSLR market.

  75. Yeah, let mirrorless take over. I’ll happily buy dslr‘s cheaper then. I use both and both have their place in my arsenal. However, to really get the full benefit of a mirrorless one has to go micro4/3. gotta love the compact size.

  76. its simply bc they reduce the distance between the lense and the sensor. funny ppl make all these videos about it..

  77. The Nikon1 were a good choice of mirrorless. Nikon abandoned the format too soon. Autofocus are annoying …

  78. Location: United States.
    Qwerk: Cannot pronounce the word “Mirrorless” without skidding down a slippery slope!
    By the way, what’s wrong with a killer 4K Camcorder with plenty of zoom for video people? Probably cheaper too?

    1. All Pentax DSLRs have in-body stabilization. I think Olympus have too, and Sony’s own DSLRs. But this guy seems never to have heard of them. He should have done a bit of research first before claiming it was an exclusive advantage of mirrorless.

  79. I like the bulky design of a dslr. Not too bulky just enough to make it feel like its balanced against a big bulky glass of a lens.

  80. Nice videos but I stopped watching it the moment the first ad came up. I do not like ads in the middle of a video. Before you know it greedy Youtube and video loaders will have an ad once every minute.

  81. Basically, fiddle with your mobile cam’s manual settings, learn from it first, then buy a DSLR if you are photographer, buy a mirror less if you make videos. And you are still a rookie.

  82. I don’t like electronic viewfinders and I never will I’ll take an optical viewfinder any day of the week it’s just a different experience sorry I’m old school

  83. Year-end review—this video is the new EMPEROR’S CLOTH of 2019! LOL!!
    In a nutshell, mirrorless is just an advanced dummy camera, no matter how many computerized features were packed inside (by the way, DSLR can also add these features too).

  84. I’m old school from film to today’s digital dslr and looking through a viewfinder rocks. No touch screen,just the buttons and dials. I love the ergonomics of a dslr. I for one will never switch.

    1. So in 5 years everyone is going to be happy if their wedding photographer turns up with a phone camera. I don’t think so.

  85. I still believe Canon’s dual auto focus is the best and fastest system out there as many comparisons proof!

  86. Someone from the future informed me that the camera’s in the near future (we are not allowed to know details about the far future) that those cameras’ will run antivirus software and they will be updated straight from an internet connection. They also reassured me that it’s not yet time to switch to a MILC camera. Phew! that was close!

  87. I’m thinking about buying a camera this year, and I love almost everything I see about mirrorless.

    Almost. The electronic viewfinder isn’t one of those things, and it might just be enough of a reason for me to go back to a DSLR.

    Is there an electronic viewfinder that doesn’t feel laggy or noticeably sluggish?

  88. Awesome video! A lot of information to digest but it’s great that all that information is all in one video. Thank you for all your work.

  89. mirrorless cameras are taking over because screens are taking over. Neither phones nor cameras needed screens before, but now everything does. The benefit of a mirror is that it will work reliably, with or without power, and the level of detail you see is very high. Mirrorless offer no advantage whatsoever outside of increased cost and quicker obsolesence, and the form factor, being the same as a phone, means the more versatile phone has now replaced it. The SLR, however, has not been replaced.

  90. Everyone: wow sensor based stabilisation!
    Nikon and Canon (back in the day): ha well that can’t ever work just because . . . .
    Pentax: am I joke to you?

  91. No mention of the image quality being inherently better because there is no flapping of components that causes vibration at the crucial instant the sensor is recording the image.

  92. Sorry but i still like DSLR through Mirrorless , you can both produce a best photo using both , i still want to invest on skills not on gears ..

  93. Is Hasselblad cameras having an edge over these cameras. As Hasselblad is one of the oldest and costliest camera manufacturer in the world.
    I am surprised, being such a great manufacturer it’s name is seldom heard over the net and even from movie makers.

    I even didn’t find Hasselblad making cinema cameras for movies

  94. ok, after hundreds of thousands of shots with my Nikon DSLR (can’t imagine it ever dying for what it has been through -40 degrees to 148 degrees, sand, fog at 31 degrees, and oops, underwater), I want something smaller and video possible for traveling around the world (not a photographer, just gotta have that perfect shot of the family on a ship, on top of the tallest mountain, perfect blow hole, etc. Best video explanation I have seen of my options. Thanks!

  95. Translation- if you are going to shoot video go mirror less, if you are going to shoot photos it’s up to you 👍

  96. for 1. cameras are mainly for photos, not videos and 2. if you know anything about making video its not to rely on autofocus, but to focus manually as all pros do…

  97. Thanks for good information. But I didn’t understand anything at all .my head is headache now. But people who are into photography and understand the language what he is talking about . Ok video by

  98. Hm, so actually a DSLR in lifeview is a mirrorless of some sort. or — a good DSLR gives you best of both worlds. … and you can get a 5D IV used for smaller money as all the Pro folks drop them down to us “ambition amateurs” … I benefitted from this already. 😉 … and the battery last longer and I can react. faster (instant startup)

  99. Yeah, The Mirrorless camera is in your pocket. You may have heard of them. Smartphones. The population of DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras pale in comparison with the best camera in the world. The one that is with you all the time. I have had my share of both Mirrorless and DSLRs of course. Who wants to hassle remembering to bring another camera unless your trip is purpose bent on capturing something unique and special that a smartphone just is not going to capture quite as well. A bit of an over simplification on Mirrored vs. Mirrorless is size. Not so different anymore. Seen an SL-3 Canon, or a Nikon D3500. Pretty darn small mirrored camera. I will say though I want a Mirrorless for video. I am done with stills. Boring. The Panasonic and Sony, and others in the Mirrorless are where it is at. Olympus has stepped up quite a bit in video too. I am looking at some other cameras out of this category entirely. A compact Bridge camera for 4k UHD Video too. Has everything I do. Contrast auto focus is a system allot of guys and gals have been doing fine with. Another over exaggeration on the web or the Inter Tube. The Panasonic GH5 and others still do very well. Now the Sony A7 family and so on murders focus these days even better than Dual Pixel auto focus. It is a tool box. Many will still want DSLRs. I can use all of them and be happy. I am not phobic on one or the other. Something else this guy didn’t cover is cost. Mirrorless cameras tend to be more expensive vs. their DSLR counterparts.

  100. So pixel 4 has achieved it mirror less even though its computational photography 😉 tech is crazy

  101. I think that the quietness of mirrorless cameras is a great boon in situations where the click clunk sound of a DSLR is not acceptable.

    1. You can put a DSLR into mirrorless mode with Live View and electronic shutter. At least my Pentax K-1 can do it, and I belive others can too.

  102. I can’t wait until the day that I can just pick up any type of camera and use it without any question since I am blind.

  103. A lot of mirrorless cameras are to small for my hands without a grip 😀 but thats just me… The main thing I like about them is the EVF and video options. And there are not that many affordable lense on mirrorless. Oh and dont get me started on used prises of mirrorless bodies.

  104. All of that mirrorless technology is now making it’s way to the DSLR’s making them even more desirable by having all the benefits of both technologies. Even the midrange DSLR’s now have the dual pixel auto focus and digital stabilization like the Canon 90D. I don’t think DSLR’s are ever going away, there are just too many benefits to real time optics instead of interpreted digital representations. You also forgot to mention focus assist beams that let you auto focus in pure black environments which mirrorless cameras have no answer for. If you do any kind of indoor event photography requiring focus assist flash photography, mirrorless will leave you in the dark, literally.

  105. Critical Focus ( like in Macro) isn’t very easy when you’re looking at Pixels on a Screen, I’ll stick with my DSLR and focus on the Ground Glass

  106. Reflex has nothing to do with reflections. Reflex is the mirror action from feeding viewfinder to being clear of the sensor.

    1. Nope, it means the presence of mirror. Remember there were “Twin Lens Reflexes” like the Rolleiflex and Yashica. They had mirrors that never moved, and were called reflex cameras.

  107. 10:33 “you can’t actually see in body stabilization in DSLR”
    Hi, you are wrong, all of Sony α DSLR & DSLT are built in with Sensor-shift Image Stabilization

    1. @Mikko Rantalainen You are right, but it hardly matters unless you are having an attack of St Vitus dance. The DLSR will still show you exactly what you are taking a picture of. But I think finux was trying to point that Sony DSLRs have in-body stabilisation (as do Pentax, Olympus) so it is not just mirrorless cameras. However Engadget is ignorant of that.

    2. DSLR or “Digital single-lens reflex” camera cannot show sensor stabilization in the viewfinder by definition. This is because the mirror that allows you to see the image in the viewfinder is in front of the sensor and you cannot see anything that the sensor does unless you can see through the mirror.

  108. The mirrorless cameras we know today will probably not be the future of 35mm photography. There are too many of us out there who don’t want the EVF with it’s many flaws. So, more than likely, the current crop of mirrorless cameras are just as likely to disappear as the DSLR is. The future looks like it will be some kind of hybrid. A camera that combines the best qualities of both with an EVF and an OVF. You can see the beginnings of this with the new Nikon D780 and the Canon 1DXMk3. When you blur the line between the two there’ll be much less reason to change to “old mirrorless” paving the way for “new mirrorless”. There are just too many big-spender, high-end professionals out there who want the OVF. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only options will always be todays mirrorless or mirrored.

  109. That is a useful piece of information. Now I know dslr still works for me most 🙂 thanks for the explanation.

  110. One disadvantage with the mirrorless cameras is that they have a lot higher battery consumption. DSLRs can run a huge number of images on a single battery charge.

    1. That isn’t all that relevant considering that extra batteries are small, widely available and pretty cheap.

  111. Mirrorless cameras are taking over?! Well, in fact, it’s taking over the vision of your precious eyes. LED emission close to eyes are not only harmful but dangerous enough to lose vision prematurely. Check out experts’ views on the subject.

  112. Hi
    Good morning.
    I have Sony A6000, bought 3 to 4 years ago from bestbuy.
    Since last summer camera acting funny. I live in Phoenix and dont have enough knowledge.
    Seeking help.
    My cell seven-0-three-seven-eight-six-five-eight-6-eight.
    It will appreciated who where help.
    Thanks in advance.

  113. I used SLR cameras long before digitals came out, so I was a fan.
    But I cannot see any advantage of SLR designs in a digital cameras, since the image can be viewed from virtually anywhere, directly from the sensor. The only real reason for the SLR was because of the need for framing shots with different focal length lenses.

  114. Coming from old school professional film shooting. Which I gave up when film became nearly extinct. I have missed taking great shots. And an I phone just doesn’t cut it for me. I was considering returning to photography. But had no idea were to start with all the recent innovations in cameras. Well Now I do. It will be Mirrorless. Thank you.

  115. It’s really nice having an explanation of highly technical details expressed in terms that the novice can immediately grasp.

  116. 13:20 Dont want to be that guy but there is mirrorless 4/3’ds systems and medium format cameras. In fact all phone cameras are mirrorless.

    1. Also also, bugs and glitches happens to everything, no matter if theres a mirror or not. AND the things mirrorless systems can do these days is impossible for slr cameras to do. Thats just fact.

    2. Also, even the Fuji Xt1 (an old camera by now with 2 more generations in the same group) starts up in less than 2 seconds, not the stated 2-3 seconds for all mirrorless systems. My xh1 is even faster.

      Also, ive seen plenty xt1 bodies withstand extreme cold and wet conditions.

      The ACTUAL reason to stick with SLR bodies is the battery life, not much more these days. With a mirrorless system (sony is by far the best at this) you can basically adapt any slr lens ever made without hitting the flange distance issue. Many nikon lenses also works really well adapted onto fuji bodies.

      However adapted lenses isnt the only good thing with mirrorless.

      The xt3 takes 30 pictyures a second, each with af being triggered. The sony a9 outshines the canon 1dxmk2 (The very best autofocusing camera in the world before the a9) in af and pictures per second. Its also entirely black-out free (no slr blackout when taking a photo).

      Mirrorless IS the way to go. Its like stoping the old ground and saying that film is still the only good media. SLR’s have lost almost all of their edges to todays mirrorless systems and even canon has learnt to adapt to the changes in the market.

  117. The only downside of Mirrorless cameras I currently see is the battery life. But thats easily fixed with one or two spare batterys. If I would compare the boot up time of my Brothers Nikon DSLR to my Mirrorless Fuji I cant feel any significant difference.

    1. Yes, so that the camera company can track your movements, take copies of all your pictures, work out who your friends are, and downgrade your camera after a while to force you to buy a new one. Like Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Apple do.

    1. When I see inside a Mirrorles is like watching someones brain!!! The mirror protects the sensor of a DSLR

    2. Dust is the main problem. You are correct. Most would use gloves to not contaminate the inner workings with moisture and oil!

  118. Thank you for a very clear and concise video. I can understand why DSLR remains popular, however if I decide to buy a camera with interchangeable lenses then I would certainly choose mirrorless. I suspect that as computing power increases mirrorless cameras will become much better than DSLRs. Battery life is not a serious issue, batteries are light, cheap and easy to change. One could almost imagine that lenses could eventually come with sensors built-in which then just clip on to a device with the controls, display etc. The present format is just a hangover from film cameras. However, photographers tend to be somewhat conservative, doubtless determined by equipment costs.

  119. when Proven pics of In Action pictures are very sharp like a DSLR then maybe you can make a statement, right now it is Gimmick, there are zero tracking pictures anywhere

  120. I went with mirrorless because it will be mostly used in travel when I don’t want to carry a lot of gear with me, but I still wanted a large sensor for better low light photos.

    1. Good advice… Already got Mountain Biking and PC gaming… so starting a new expensive hobby is the last thing that my life needs right now! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. youtube is baiting you to be one, trust me it’s a very expensive hobby and try to avoid it at all cost while you can !

  121. not really. mirrorless is a no for. i feel like dslr give better photo than mirrorless. but if you want nice photo + good video. mirrorless is for you.

    if you rich enough. just buy both. i dont think mirrorless can replace dslr entirely. looking via screen takes away your potential art can be made with the superior eye that were given to us.

    but most i see mirrorless user using glasses so it may good for them since hard to use dslr viewfinder with glasses..

  122. Polen and dust on the sensor are a massive problem with mirrorless designs. If you never change your lens you won’t have a problem but these are not cameras for the nature photographer with a large number of prime lines. The mirror on a DSLR protects the sensor. I don’t know why Sony is not addressing this.

  123. What a pointless video! Replacing? They’re battery monsters! A live video feed for your viewfinder and an on-sensor stabilizer? Who cares if it’s more compact, you’ll just be bringing more batteries now.

  124. Great video. Weren’t mirrors originally to protect the film from being exposed when you swapped lenses? Seem to recall having to manually flip this in my old Yashika and Nikons.

  125. I have an idea: Instead a video which focuses on how much minutia you have rattling around in your head, why not post a video which ACTUALLY (in 500,000 words or less), tells the viewer WHY mirrorless cameras… Do you not think that someone who is knowledgeable enough about cameras will already know WTF you are talking about —and can grasp it at the lightning speed at which you are presenting it? Are you trying to inform the Newbie? Or are you just interested in exhibiting how much you know about cameras?

  126. My question is, “Why do you pronounce ‘mirror’ as ‘meer’ when you are perfectly capable of pronouncing ‘mirrorless’ correctly?

    1. @Thomas Maughan City, Tyrion, vicinity, activity…. So much for the English rules. It’s like making rules to fit the shape of clouds.

    2. @Dhyan Jay Chuckle out loud. You’d almost think that English is irregular in (many) places. Plural of dog? Dogs. Plural of sheep? Sheep.

    3. @Thomas Maughan Please also teach me how you pronounce these words in your country: minute (as time), Linux and minimum.

  127. I just got a used Sony a6000. I wanted the 6100 or 6300 but damn they just a tad bit too expensive for me 🙁

  128. The real questions are why haven’t they and why are DSLR still being produced. I even see pros with DSLRs, using their “live screen”with that ridiculous scope thing over their optical view finder.

    1. @Doderio Larkisso: and I should care about some pathetic loser who is so insecure that he needs a type of camera to define his masculinity. Lol

  129. Made the switch from a bulky DSLR to mirroless mostly due to traveling and saving space on my carry on..only reason.

  130. I recently purchased a Nikon 1 N1, a Canon FD lens, and an adapter (about $85 total) and have been taking really sweet photos, since. I realize that it’s been all manual focus, but I really prefer manual over auto. Before this odd coupling, I always assumed that Nikon bodies should be with F lenses, Canon with FD or FL lenses, etc. The results of having what is considered one of the better lenses for the time, the Canon FL/FD with a really decent sensor receptor has been a franken-marriage made in heaven. It also makes me wish the camera companies would get over their egos and agree upon one mount. This is another case of I wish YouTube would allow posting jpgs as an option. I would love to see other persons work and to be able to show my own, at times.

  131. I’ve dream to have one of these cameras, but one day, i realized that, it was just a dream of mine, bacause I came from a poor people a poor family, with single parent. But still, I love my life in spite of.
    To those who can afford it anytime, give thanks to God!

    1. There is alot of semi-pro cameras that you can get cheap used. Like a used Canon 40D for around 60$. Its a great cam.

    1. @Dalekanium It’s NOT an American word. Don’t be ignorant, learn to pronounce like the country of origin pronounces it..you know, the PROPER way.

    2. @Kristopher Mueller because they knew americans are so ignorant it wouldn’t make any sense 🙂

    3. @Inevitable Crafts Lab In America Nikon’s own product advertisements have called it “Nai-Kon” for years. So that is why we pronounce it as such. The only place people really care about what you call it reside only in the YouTube comments section anyway. Tomato, Tomahto. Everyone may now stop acting like pompous tools. Hahah, yeah right though.

  132. I keep using slr for better handling and most for optical viewfinder. I dont like to look through a mice tv.

  133. why even bother when the good old photoshop and lightroom are about.. i shoot at f8 mainly but in lightroom i can get an f2 effect. dont waiste your money and learn to edit

    1. So you’re gonna edit 300+ images after a wedding rather than just getting them how you want in camera? You’re my hero!

  134. I’m heavily invested in the DSLR system that I love, am used to, and get great photos with. So, guess what? I’m staying with my DSLR.

    1. @Adrian Bergqvist kind of like gas and electric cars. They are going to coexist for a very long time. Like in most things, moderation is usually for the best.

    2. DSLR is a killer design and will still be used and popular in the future. Mirrorless is just another killer variant that will be joining. Mirrorless is not going to replace DSLR..

  135. My camera is a relatively old canon eos 500d and doesn’t have a flip out screen so the image only appears during video, the viewfinder is hard to see when the camera is low or pointed up but it’s a small price to pay, I still like it.

  136. Before AF came along , we all used the good old eye system. Look through the viewfinder and adjust by hand. Common sense and working things out. Too much reliance on tech, and not thinking at all about composition or visual mastery.

    1. Not only that, they are Single Lens Reflexes 🙂 Any time I see “less” in something it makes me suspicious of what I just gave up, or are being asked to consider doing without.

  137. Taking over what? Taking over the consumer market is what camera manufacturers want. Almost every consumer camera is mirrorless these days. It’s much larger than the pro market. However, the top pros are not using mirrorless for professional shoots. Look at sporting events. You will see Canon dominating that market along with Nikon in second. I had a photographer say Sony was the best for fashion. I then asked him what top fashion photographers were using Sony? He declined to answer. Truth is not many top shooters are using mirrorless. Doesn’t mean they’re bad cameras. But manufacturers and YouTube photographers love to tout new technology as taking over. It’s all propaganda to sell more cameras. It consumerism at its finest. In the days of film, it was film manufacturers coming up with new films to market. Now it’s cameras.

    1. Indeed, the market for DSLRs got saturated and they became so good that users were not upgrading any more. So the makers intoduced mirrorless with hype that we should throw our DSLRs away and buy mirrorless. Professional hype, and volunteer hype by hipsters like this guy. Bonus : mirrorless are cheaper to make and the makers are keeping the savings.

  138. I just realized why I like my cell phone camera.
    Because I can touch the screen where I want the camera to focus.

  139. What ever you love to do.
    No one can take that freedom
    of love to you.
    SLR will be forever..
    ..until my dying day.

  140. Could you do a more in depth video about the differences in character between Nikon and Canon images? I am about to buy a d850 and I want to be certain it’s the best choice for me. Thanks!

    1. Not much difference. Relax, the D850 is one of the best cameras you can buy.
      Why would youtake advice from this guy anyway? In places it is clear he does not know what he is talking about.

    2. The default behavior of the two camera systems appears to be oriented to their most common usage. They can be adjusted to be identical in image (brightness, gamma, tone curve, color saturation) but tend out of the box to be tuned for (Canon) scenery and portraits and (Nikon) news.

      My sense is that Nikon stores images with a linear curve, which is to say, no curve at all. How bright it is sets the pixel value. Very scientific and also has excellent shadow detail and good highlights without color fringing or “blowouts”. The downside of that is that it can seem a bit unexciting. Canon tends to apply a familiar “film” look with an S-curve; high contrast mid-tones with a long tail for shadow and highlights. Spectacular on scenery and wildlife. Nikon can do that too but you either set the camera to that profile or do it in “post processing” . Conversely, if you need linear output from a Canon you’d have to configure it that way but I think I’ve never seen a Canon-shot photo that wasn’t rather contrasty.

      Handling either camera reflects their heritage. Canon cameras tend to have an enormous number of menu items and are quite sophisticated but that can get in the way of agility. Nikon cameras tend to be one-handed shooters; I can turn my camera on, focus and aim without even looking at my hand and expect to get a pretty good shot all in a fraction of a second. Swap lenses in nearly dark or even entirely dark. Not usually as many menu items as Canon.

      Sports shooters usually use Canon but Nikon has made some terrific inroads particularly with the D850 which I have. The image quality of the D850 is amazing; about twice better than the D800 which was itself very good. I shoot night soccer games with a D850 and the Nikkor 200-500 mm zoom and the combination is effectively and at considerably less cost than the usual Canon coupled to a 400mm f2.8 lens costing $6,000 to $10,000 (for the lens!). I shoot up to ISO 3200 with not much grain particularly for games where I also use the nifty half-size RAW option.

    3. The camera sensor is what to look for but it’s the Lens that sends what you see to the sensor. The better “glass” lens you have the purer the image will be if your settings are good. I personally try to stay at 100 ISO and F-stop at F, 8,9,or 10 for stationary pic’s and move the ISO up to 800-1000 or more for moving objects. The higher the ISO the more “noise” less pure picture you get.

  141. Thank you for this video. My son is an aspiring filmmaker in HS presently and I needed to buy him a camera. The decision on choosing Mirrorless vs DSLR is complicated. I found the staff at Best Buy not at all helpful so I’ve been watching comparison videos and I came across this video. It’s been very insightful. I’ve learned at lot.

    1. Mirrorless is probably much better for making movies. Some mirrored DSLR’s make movies, but to do so locks up the mirror at which point it is effectively mirrorless.

  142. A good, informative video. I still use point & shoot cameras, but if I ever “move up” I will try a mirrorless camera.

  143. I’m a Pentax (Ricoh now) guy. Love my cameras. But what I don’t understand is why they don’t improve or expand their lineup. I can take amazing stills, but sometimes the lack of auto-focus in video mode makes have to pull out my ol camcorder. I do love the fact I can still use my great old film lenses on them though. Cheers.

    1. Pentax are not aimed at video work. They are one of the best still cameras, primarily for landscape, architecture and portraiture; fine art photography. They are tough and weatherproof. They do need to introduce a mirrorless though, just to keep up with the Joneses.

  144. Good video. At the moment I will stick with my D850, but I do shoot mirrorless with my pinhole camera – no battery life issues but it does require film and longer exposures.

    1. @Thomas Maughan Same with the Pentax K-1, and others. They can all act mirrorless if the occasion needs it.

    2. The D850 is perfectly capable of mirrorless shooting; it is called “silent mode” and uses live view. No click at all.

  145. What are some areas online that people can get used cameras and equipment? Forums? Reddit? I’m new to the photography crowd.

    1. B&H Photo Video is a great place to obtain good used equipment (and consequently a good place to sell). Adorama is also good but mostly I’ve used B&H.

  146. I’ve been shooting digital for 15 years plus and at least seven eight of those have been mirrorless ilc. This video was the absolute best, goat, compare and contrast explanation of DSL vs. Mirrorless that I have witnessed and 20 years of being a prosumer semi amateur get paid every once in awhile, way too expensive as a hobby that I love enthusiast. ever since I had my mirrorless cherry popped with the Samsung line which I still shoot with ( yes, I know it dead and abandoned) I will never go back. I am sending this to my brother in law that for some reason, never knew that cameras could be mirrorless ( I pointed to his cell phone) to explain how all this works. Bravo!!!💯

    1. @Matthew Parks I occasionally toss squirrels (petrol) into the conversation. Adds a bit of variety to what otherwise is an entirely predictable conversation. Your own contribution to variety was the inclusion of “goat” in your description: “best, goat, compare…” making me wonder what I was missing. Still, “best” conveys what you probably mean, an appreciation for the thoroughness of the presentation. It would have been simpler of course to just point out that mirrors existed to eliminate parallax and allow the photographer to see the exact framing of the shot; electronic viewfinders accomplish the exact same goal. When EVF first came out they weren’t very good but as they head into multi-megapixel territory they become better. It can never be “better” than optical but it *can* have more utility or overall usefulness by adding a ton of information into the screen while viewfinding. I suppose in the rare instance of shooting infrared the EVF would be superior. Should that happen to me I simply switch to “live view” and if outside in daylight I snap on my little Hoodman Loupe; I do that for videography as well.

    2. @Thomas Maughan Aw… again, I am playing by your rules. You pressed me on the definition of prediction, then pivoted when I threw your incorrectness back at your. Hahahaha. If it’s any consolation, There are plenty of dictionaries in print form. Hahaha. Just remember, you brought the gasoline or “petrol” to this discussion. I just lit the match. No one asked for your comments.

    3. @Thomas Maughan you are struggling now. You made the statement about making predictions regarding technology. When you failed to prove me wrong, you reached for a personal ‘prediction” about a technology I prefer to use. Instead of reinforcement of your soft argument, you threw a smoke pellet and diverted to a soften reinforcement. Hahaha. Sad. That’s not a prediction it is a proclamation. So, yes, you may want to consult a newer dictionary. Hahahaha

    4. @Matthew Parks You claim to have made no predictions. Perhaps your definitions differ but this is a prediction: “I will never go back”