video testing the CANON IXUS 190 digital camera

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For years I’ve never considered upgrading my point and shoot camera, which was the Canon Ixus 80, bought in 2009. Still working but the 8 megapixels is quite obsolete. Canon had recently launch the Ixus 190 with 20 megapixels and wifi connection, where you can easily transfer your photos via wifi and even control the camera itself, simply download the application Canon Camera Connect on Google Playstore, or Appstore. The Camera entails at 7999php, with 1 free 8 gig Scandisk SD card. If you’re thinking of buying a new point and shoot camera, you might consider buying this one. I shot this video with my DSLR canon 60d, except for all the Ixus 190 test videos.

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114 thoughts on “video testing the CANON IXUS 190 digital camera

  1. Canon IXUS 185 Digitalkamera (20 MP, 6,8cm (2,7 Zoll) LCD, Display, DIGIC 4+, 8x optischer Zoom, Smart Auto, HD Movies, USB, 720p) rot

  2. Hello!
    I might be buying a IXUS 190 soon
    I just wanted to ask you what I need for the camera to work?
    I have to buy them separately
    Like what things do you need
    Specifically for charging the camera
    Other than that
    Can you tell me everything I will need to buy for the camera

    It would be great help!

    1. SEMPLICEMENTE HANA HANA download the app Canon Camera Connect, you will see contents of your camera using the app.

  3. It’s still good , Hy I’m from Indonesia and looking for my first pocket camera. It’s quite nice so I ordered it now. 🙂

  4. ma guy YOU NEEEED to help me out here. i wondered if there is anyway to hook it up to a pc so i can use it as a facecam in obs.

  5. can this camera send photos and videos to a computer as well, if it has the Canon Camera App ?? and for the app on iphone, does it get saved to gallery or do you have to save to gallery on the app, or can you not save it to gallery ?, i’m asking because i’ve been looking for a camera, and is the sound quality of the videos good ??

  6. Canon PowerShot SX430B 20MP Digital Camera with 45x Optical Zoom (Black) + 16GB Memory Card + Camera Case <>

  7. thank you How do I change the setting from taking a picture of a flower to taking a picture of mountains please.

  8. The video quality on this camera doesn’t look that great, shakey and quite jerky when panning which suggests a low bit rate.

    1. Isaiiibella VL agree ako sa sinabi mo, na experience ko rin yan, kailangan pa i off yn camera para lang ma reset yung focus. kaya iniisip ko na bumili na lang ng ibang camera.and gamitin ko na lang ito as back up camera. yung last video ko daming blur ito yung gamit ko na cam. anyways, have a good day.

    2. mi times kasi na sobrang bagal nya mag focus. to the point na need ko pa i turn off ang cam tas di pa sure kung naka focus na siya. :/

    3. Isaiiibella VL medyo mabagal po ang auto focus kahit minsan naka tripod na po ako mag shoot hindi pa rin nya mahabol ng mabilis yun focus sa mukha. pero once nagfocus na sya sharp nman po yng videos.

    1. Pramit Mitra night time shooting with this camera is not that good. thats why im contemplating on buying a G7x or G5x.

  9. This help me decide. I just started vlogging kasi & ayoko muna mag invest ng malaki sa camera. im just using my cp at the moment pero xempre ayoko naman magastado cp ko. thank u for this video.

    1. Mi May yes I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive cameras besides its the content that really counts. my recent videos were all shot using this camera you may check them out for reference. you may notice a light streak on some clips everytime i Hit a light source esp during night time shoot. my work around is just to change my angle. thank you for watching my video. and have a great day!

  10. Thank you for uploading this video, i also use canon ixus 190. do you know the difference of canon ixus 190 with canon ixus 180 ?.😁

    1. They’re basically the same. The 190 has the left menu button as date stamp while the 180 has it as auto zoom (a feature you never use). 190 has a few more options in settings menu but otherwise they are identical.

    2. Vidi Hty hi Vidi Hty They’re almost the same, the diff is ixus 190 has 20x zoom cap and 180 only has 10x. plus I like the blue color. thanks for watching my video appreciate it and have a great day.

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