Understanding DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras

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Taking the next step in photography means transitioning to a better quality camera from your typical point and shoot pocket camera or cell phone. In most recent years, the well-known DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras have been rivaled with the up and coming mirrorless camera technology. With this introduction of new technology into the world of photography, tech expert, Patrick Norton walks us through the top Facts vs. Myths surrounding DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. It includes to the topic of camera body size, auto focus and more. By understanding these concepts, users can determine the camera that best fits their life style!

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2,162 thoughts on “Understanding DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras

  1. this video is biased asf. Of course you’re gonna sell off the Sony Mirrorless camera as way better than the DSLR. Look at the youtube channel name people

  2. what kind of camera can you recommend if i would like to shoot photos of clouds, sunset and moon.? thank you..

  3. Can you send me $1 for each time you say Sony in this video? At the end, I’ll have enough money to buy a brand new high-end dslr. Thanks.

  4. This guy is sublimially pushing you to buy Sony instead of Canon by purposefully comparing it to their own product. All the accessories advertised for mirrorless are all Sony. They’re not pushing for mirrorless cameras, they’re pushing for SONY mirrorless cameras. Dont make the switch after watching this. Ask a business what to buy and more often than not you’ll end up being told to buy what they have.

  5. Looks like mirrorless is the way to go. Excellent Info Video on differences between DSLR and Mirrorless. Great presentation. PWB

  6. Has Sony completely abandoned it’s A-mount system??? In the past several months I haven’t seen a single alpha body or lens on sale at the major retailers (and the closest independent camera store is in the neighboring state). EVERYTHING is E-this and E-that. I’ve tried bridge cameras and they feel too small for my grip. Mirrorless are just as tiny. I just bought a used a99ii to complement my a77 because I already have several a-mount senses, didn’t like the look of a big adapter and e-mount lenses seem to be more expensive than a-mount for the same focal lengths.

  7. June 16th 2020 Hey Pat! Thanks a lot for your presentation. I absolutely LOVED IT. Simply because– you didn’t WASTE ANY TIME, you were CLEAR AS CAN BE Direct and TO THE POINT– where FACTS matter most!

    Just wanted to “Thank you kindly” and to let you know I appreciate your Quality Presentation! It will help me moving forward BIG TIME in re– “To BE– Mirrorless… or NOT TO BE– Mirrorless!” :–)) Ciao!!! Nicholas

  8. Companies should increase the size a little to make space for a bigger battery… Cheap mentality of companies.

  9. Now i am confused: He said “in a mirrorless camera there is no mirror and everything is done by the sensor”. But my SLT-A77 is also mirrorless and at the same time it has a translucent mirror, in order to manage auto focus and to send video signal to the viewfinder, without involving the sensor. So what is true here?

  10. So, for a begginer like me who are going to learn about photography. Which camera the best? DSLR or Mirrorless.

  11. i got a DSLR, and its very inferior to modern compact camera. this is basically using 20year old tech that was invented because electronic chip were not up to scratch. its shameful they still sell them now in 2020.

  12. you gotta be a special kind of idiot to go on the sony channel and then complain that theyre advertising their products… take it or leave it, but stfu

    1. @Obi Wan Kenobi You as an individual could compare a Lada to a Lambo, but Lada and Lambo as _companies_ would need much greater care. It’s moot:Lada and Lambos are aimed at different markets but these Canon and Sony cameras are direct competitors. The video is misleading because it is titled DSLR vs M-less but the real purpose is to paint Canon as old-fashioned. IANAL, but I think Canon would have a good case in court. I’m neutral in this : I don’t use either.

    2. @Duke Nukem i dont see how thats illegal. i could compare a lada to a lambo if i wanted to, as long as i am stating facts and not lies

    3. I don’t mind them advertising their products, but they should not be comparing a mirrorless Sony with a Canon DSLR. They should compare with one of their own DSLRs – Sony do make them. I believe this, coming from Sony, would actually be illegal as as advert in the UK, but of course on the internet anything goes.

  13. bunch of id..ts complaining about advertising….let me tell you a secret : THIS IS SONY´s Channel .. get over it ….

  14. Hi! Can i use some of the animations for a video explaining how mirrorless cameras works? Of course, giving credits

    Thank u 🙂

    1. Because it;s a rip-off. Camera makers are pushing mirrorless and pocketing the cost savings themselves, with hipsters (as well as professional admen like this guy) unwittingly acting as their salesmen. Because, you know, anyone without a mirrorless is painted as old-school and un-hip.

  15. All these comments, but nobody pointed out that they spelled the dudes last name wrong in the first ten seconds. But his @ name was spelled right directly underneath. Attention to detail, my friends.

  16. He has shot his kids in the park, and also _shot himself in the foot_ by comparing a Sony mirrorless with a _Canon_ DSLR. It is exposed as blatant hype and has created a lot of negative comments.
    Take cover if you see this guy is around, he shoots at anything.

  17. You can put most DSLRs into mirrorless mode and use Live View for the occasional dark or quiet situation. So that is not an advantage for mirrorless.
    The only real advantage of mirrorless is smaller and lighter, but there is often not much difference and it may or may not matter to you – I don’t care. When it comes to Sony, they are basically a consumer company who make flimsy cameras that overheat, and now that big cameras are going out of fashion they could ditch the camera business any time. They only bought into it during the DSLR craze 15 years ago – yes they make DSLRs too.

  18. This isn’t really about DSLR vs mirrorless, it is a crude attempt by Sony to discredit Canon in the eyes of beginners who don’t know the market. IANAL but believe that, as this coming from Sony themselves, it would be illegal in the UK – any lawyers here? I’m not even a Canon fan myself, but this is plain silly.

  19. Why is this droid showing _Canon_ vs Sony? Sony make DSLRs themselves – in 2020 they still do. Sony cameras are flimsy and have over-heating problems – they are a consumer oriented company. They got into cameras during the DSLR craze, but full size cameras are out of fashion now so Sony might dump them just as quick. In April 2020 they separated their camera/sensor division, under new management, possibly for a sell-off.

    1. As of 2020 they still make mirror cameras – the Alpha A77 II and any others in their SLT range. Means ‘Single Lens Translucent’ referring to the semi-transparent mirror inside.

  20. I think I prayed to god, god give me a good 4k camera. I ended up with a mirrorless camera. It is very fast. I got two lenses for it.

  21. At 2:25 , I think the reason the mirrorless spend more juice on the battery because the sensor always on and draw juice from battery , however the Dslr the sensor draw juice only when the picture is taken. For example if use the dslr on the LED preview mode all the time that is same drawing battery juice in the mirrorless in normal operation.

  22. I love Sony. All my devices are Sony. But on this. I love the look of the DSLR over mirror less. I’m excited about the new Sony Xperia 1 ii too

    1. Yes, he’s comparing apples and pears. It is really an attempt to discredit Canon. Sony make DSLRs themselves.

    1. … and people who recognise this as a crude attempt to discredit Canon in the eyes of beginners who don’t realise that _both_ Canon and Sony make _both_ DSLRs _and_ mirrorless cameras. I’m not a Canon fan myself, but this video is silly.

  23. Wonder which is best? I wanna buy one but will be pissed off if I buy one for $700, just for a new updated model to come out a month later

  24. Is sony able to count to.. 12.. or so? Please, be “understanding”.. small mirrorless cams with lack of wheels/knobs are useless. They are unhandy. Btw, canon`s dual pixel AF is much better than yours, especially for video shooting. Just be gone and live with that =)

  25. I don’t know anything about cameras, don’t even know why I’m here but after watching this I feel like buying a mirror less camera and starting a YouTube channel

  26. Cmon, sony, you just advertising yourself and not even support advantages of dslr

  27. You also need to decries the price of leans.
    We want to shift on sony,but when we realised the price of your lens, we fell like ” actuality sony is not my tipe. ” only because of your high price of lens.
    If you can decrie your leans price you can make more customers.

  28. Yes it’s an ad for Sony, but they aren’t overselling their cameras. And of they wouldn’t use their own dslr’s, they don’t even make them anymore

  29. Hi
    Good morning.
    I have Sony A6000, bought 3 to 4 years ago from bestbuy.
    Since last summer camera acting funny. I live in Phoenix and dont have enough knowledge.
    Seeking help.
    My cell seven-0-three-seven-eight-six-five-eight-6-eight.
    It will appreciated who where help.
    Thanks in advance

  30. It’s weird seeing two companies sharing so good of a relationship they can just show each other’s products without trashing them. Oddly satisfying.

  31. They said a Sony camera was better. Who’s they? SONY! This is biased. The facts are true, but of course there mirrorless cameras will be “better” than a dslr because they are direct competitors of Canon.

  32. I prefer DSLR cameras, but now that I heard of mirrorless I quite like it, although they have restricted battery life and are perhaps too small.
    So I’d still go with a DSLR cam. By the way – that sony A 7 looked quite uncomfortable.

    Let me know what you guys think.

  33. He made “Just shootin’ the kids in the park’ sound so causal. as if he did it often…

    Maybe he does??
    Like please

  34. lol. I haven’t been camera shopping in almost a decade, and I still shoot with my ancient dslr. I was just thinking the big minus is the weight and portability of the thing. I’ll look into mirrorless a bit further, I didn’t even realize that they are now viable!

  35. Did anyone mention price? No? Here, allow me. Decent Sony Alpha mirrorless bodies start at around $900 and zoom lenses START at, what, about $900? Oh, and these camera’s don’t have flashes built in so add a cople of hundred and some carrying bulk. Be prepared to spend $2k+ for a decent mirrorles system, a flash and ONE LENS! A lot of mirrorless cameras don’t have all the features of midrange DSLRS, either. To compare, a Nikon DSLR, say..a 5600 with pretty good featues and options, sells in a kit with 2 very good zoom lenses for $600…total! (Yes, I know full frame vs. DX…nobody cares.) WOW! $1400 difference, 3 times as much, for the mirrorless option….you know, because the mirror flip sound is so annoying. Mirrorless cameras are all the rage like 4k TVs are all the rage. Not because people need them, but because makers want to push that cool new thing on you while maximizing profit. Neither the cameras nor the lenses cost a dime more to make. Sorry, I’ll wait.

  36. Well, SONY’s VIAO computers are DEAD – only SONY’s PLAYSTATIONS is surviving.
    SONY’s DSLR cannot sell – only their mirrorless is selling.
    Nothing to do with Computers nor DSLR dying!!

  37. Me: Anybody else wondering why there is a Canon camera in a Sony video?

    Me after I read the comments: Yup

  38. this comment section is full of:

    “Shooting kids in a park”
    “Sony’s UNBIASED opinions”
    “Canon camera in a Sony video”

    Okay have a great day lol

  39. Listen internet, fine, mirrorless is ok but small body size camera is sucks. Mirrorless is ok but sony colors are sucks. Mirrorless is ok so I’ll waith for canon pro mirrorless.

  40. You know when sony fuck up or wanna hide something when use canon dslr and not their own or not even mention their very own slt sistem

  41. Got a Canon PowerShot HS530sx mirrorless and it works well. Only downside is it doesnt have interchangeable lense, i can put filter lense on the end but the actual lens optic is built in but it does have a 50X optical zoom with an additional 150X digital zoom so 200X zoom. Great for putting on a tripod and looking at the moon and for what i use it for.

  42. I love it but i can’t buy dslr camera I wish i had a dslr camera too But i can’t buy that i don’t have that much money 😖😖😖😖😖😭😭😭

  43. Fun fact to fix the focus question on here. Sony has the fastest auto focus of all time with speeds of 0.02second focusing

  44. The problem with mirrorless is that it has to run the sensor constantly to provide the electronic view finder with an image, so it eats it’s batteries. With a DSLR you are only running the power through the sensor when taking a shot or videoing footage. So they are far better to shoot with as you won’t find yourself constantly changing batteries or running out of charged batteries. Bridge cameras also share this problem.

  45. I can’t believe they didn’t have a Sony DSLR like the A900 to compare with, so someone just brought their Canon 5d from home. On The SONY YouTube channel… What a lousy video.

    1. He’s spitting shit. Fails to mention that DSLRs have a mirrorless mode, called like “Live View” or “Electronic Shutter” for those occasional low light situations or need for quiet. And why doesn’t he compare a _Sony_ DSLR with a Sony mirrorless? … because he wants to make Canon sound old-fashioned. But Canon make mirrorless too, and Sony make DSLRs too (the SLT series).

  46. Difference: one is a Toy, the other one is a camera used for 100 years, one Sony didn’t know how to make it, the other one is a bigger cellphone camera

  47. Think for a second, if you just get in to photographs $5000 is a hell of a price here! I got a Canon d5 mk2 for $514 and a Nikon d800 for $550 both from eBay. The results for me are stunning! (even though I’m a amateur) but think about the money you can spare!

  48. ok, yeah, the sony camera seems to be better than the canon photography wise, but it’s hella expensive. especially to a photographer that’s just starting out.

  49. This is a Sony video with a song camera props for not just acting like the a7 is 100000% better than every dslr

  50. Hey! Can you humour me why you using Canon DSLR to compare your Sony mirrorless?
    Why not use your own Sony DSLR?

    1. Because he want’s to depict Canon as old-fashioned. Never mind that Sony also make DSLRs and Canon also make mirrorless. Canon should sue Sony for this misleading ad.

  51. You are mocking canon, to bring forth your product. Ok I understand, I will look for a canon mirror less camera in future, thanks SONY

  52. if you use DSLR for video it makes a big difference because they are super cheap now. the video performance is the same but for half the cost.

  53. I feel like its gonna be more affordable now, because mirror less cameras are less complicated to produce (lower production cost)

    1. Mirrorless are cheaper to make (no pentprism of mirror mechanism) but the makers are not passsing the saving to the users. They are paying a “hipster” surcharge for mirrorless. Wait a few years and the price might come down.

  54. Could you guys gift me the lowest dslr camera you have? been really struggling on phone camera for the longest time now

  55. Pretending that the new Sony mirror-less can hang with that 10 year old 5D. If your having a hard time with the extra 500 grams get another profession.

    1. Yes there is, it’s called the backspace, or back button if you’re on android or home if you’re on iOS

  56. Mirrorless camera are costly af…for a beginner photographer like me Mirrored cameras are more practical

  57. Yes this may be a Sony video but it’s still all technically correct.
    Lots of equipment porn fanatics, probably of little actual skill, commenting nonsense here.

  58. I’m a camcorder guy, are these cameras capable of electronic zoom engagement? Ie – from a remote device like a LANC device


    1. The difference between mirrorless and DSLR is the way that pictures are previewed. There is no technical difference in how the final picture is recorded, in fact some share the same sensor. There may be differences between individual cameras but that is not because they are mirrorless as opposed to DSLRs.

  60. I am new to the photography world. I recently bought a Sony a5100 mirrorless camera. My main purpose is to shoot vlogs with it but I’ve heard things about it over heating. But I’m also interested on taking pictures with it. I was wondering, can I utilize other branded lenses on that camera? From what I’ve seen in this video it seems like I just need an adapter. Which one would you recommend?

    1. MsiAK nope 👎. DSLRs make you look stupid. Very irritating to watch. Mirrorless has way higher image quality

  61. Can you donate me a camera? … and if it was old … I want to complete my work because my camera crashed and I do not have enough money please help me

  62. That Cannon DSLR Looks 10 year old version used just for this video to roast it😂,,,,Like they thought we’re not gona notice that and they are selling their camera to some 65 year old retired fat man

  63. But we can all agree what ever we say they are not the same it depends on for what are you using your camera I personally like cameras with mirrors.

  64. I have to say, that the mirrorless cameras that I’ve tried all felt like a toy in my hands. Sure a dslr is inferior in some regards, but using a mirrorless for me at least is just weird in the hands and distracts me from taking pictures

  65. Thank you for this helpful vid! I’ve been thinking about which among DSLR and Mirrorless camera should I buy for travels in 2019 and I guess I have to choose the less bulky one. I thought mirrorless cams have inferior image quality but was wrong haha thanks 😅

  66. This is not even a comparison video. During the entire video he is trying to prove that dslr are inferior by saying inaccuracies in order to promote sony’s mirrorless camera!

  67. Oh come on this is just an SONY ad..
    Canon should sue them for rosting their products without their permission.

  68. Oh, and why to the mirror-less cameras have an artificial ‘click’ sound built in like most cell phones, if it is so annoying?

  69. Heavier cameras prevent wobbling when taking pictures. I had various cameras in the last 50 years from Rollei to Hasselblad to Canon, even a Practika. When I tried the first digital cameras, I was disappointed with the picture quality and lost interest. Now that I can achieve better photos I am starting to by recent Canon EOS models with lens sets.

  70. One disadvantage i observed in my cousin’s mirrorless camera is, in low light the digital preview is far different from output. The output is really good but the preview is dark so it was hard for me to guess and click. Is it that particular model or its how mirrorless are.

  71. സോണി ടെ വീഡിയോ ആണേലും canon ക്യാമറ കാണിച്ചു.സോണി ഇഷ്ടം 😘😘

  72. I think the reason why sony has less lenses to choose from is because they want quality over quantity. You have to pay that much but you have awesome results in the end. Even the budget 55-210, when compared to other budget telephotos, i think this would come out on top

  73. Mirrorless cameras are no better than bridge cameras with an EVF as well as a back screen. Once you get to a 24MP+ sensor (or arguably even a 10MP+ sensor) it’s all about the lens, the camera becomes irrelevant.

  74. Sorry Sony I personally like the way a DSLR feels in my hand and mirroless feels thin and cheap. that’s just personal preference.

    1. Well, I can’t carry a DSLR everywhere I go, that’s why I picked up a mirrorless. I’m not a pro, so there.

  75. Old Nikon Coolpix cameras were mirrorless. Any good quality DSLR can become mirrorless by using live view. Presently, all top quality cameras (Nikons and Canons) are DSLR. There’s something superior about reality (DSLR viewfinder with no lag) within the creative process. For the time being, I’ll stick with DSLRs. Besides, I enjoy the good solid “thunk” and the larger size makes it more stable and steady in the hands. My opinion of course….

  76. Haha….I see where this is going.Fuck sony.After thde mirrorless came out,one of my friend suggested me to shift to that.So I bought the sony a6300.I thought it was a great camera at first.But boy I was wrong.I usually do street photographies so i usually need zoom lens I had a stock of dslr lens but not of the mirrorless except the one that came with the camera.I had a little idea about morrorless then.Went to the market to buy a good zoom lens booom that zoom lens cost more then my camera did.The money i invested on this mirrorless is 2 times then that i invested on dslr like i have two dslrs.So sony please include pricing here please.Also lens selection is like fuuuuck

  77. I was wondering why he was talking about Sony a lot but then realized it’s just an ad that also happens to be talking about mirrorless and dslr

  78. Interessante saber deste comparativo, pena que foi patrocinado pela Sony, então vai puxar a sardinha pra Mirroless…

  79. “that annoying shutter sound.. ” really SONY? sounds like a suggestive selling.. that’s the sound i like about camera, if u don’t like it, change ur line of business…

  80. I switched from Sony to canon because Sony has less button (harder to change settings) and Sony lens is more expensive

  81. It took me till the end of the video that this video is on the Sony chanel it is all making sense now why this guy is pushing the mirror less cameras so much.

  82. Oh, I didn’t see that this is a Sony Channel! I thought this guy got too much money for advertisement from sony. When I moved to comment section and saw this is a sony channel, I wasted 5 minutes of my useless time!

  83. The reason that they have shirter battery life is their higher energy consumption as well. It’s not only because you make them smaller.

  84. Is it just me or when he said shooting the kids at the park, I thought of Jared from subway and or pumped up kicks 😑

  85. My hands are 8 inches from bottom of my palm to the tip of my middle finger so the mirrorless cameras feel awful to hold.

  86. I like sonys mirrorless but i prefer a canon dslr. Its mainly due to the weight balance of a dslr. When i used my canon 24-105mm there was alot of stress on my wrist when i used a mirrorless. Aka the eos R🤮 im waiting fkr the m50 predessor hoping they remove crop

  87. Guys I too vote for dslr.. because I’m owning it, but now generally could anyone tell that which is best to buy canon 5dm4 or Sony a7rm3 ??

  88. Mirrorless will be the future but future is little far because of the high price. may be after 4-5 years down the line we will see some good stuff with budget price tags.

  89. This is a gentle, kinder, professional version of GenesisDoes what NintenDon’t except its is in the camera space. 😀

  90. Mirrorless is good for people who causally take photos. But if you want to be a professional, its better to have a DSLR because it doesn’t 17 truck loads of batteries to get like 5 images and you don’t have to turn on the camera just to frame a shot. Lens changing is a safer process in DSLR because your image sensor is less exposed to non sense flying in the air as compared to a mirrorless.


  92. As for whether a bigger camera is a better camera, the best camera for you is the one you have. You’re not a professional. Enjoy taking your photos and don’t fucking worry about waving your penis.

  93. This guy has a real problem with that sweaty upper lip, all glistening beneath his nose. He really should grow a mustache to hide it if he’s going to continue his life as a Sony salesman. It’s off-putting – even a little sickening.

  94. And when you hang a 400 2.8 on the Sony body, there goes the lightweight advantage, just an awkward little body to hang on to. Sorry, you haven’t sold it.

  95. A canon camera on a Sony channel? huh? I like my mirrorless though 🙂 I have the 5100 & Nex 5N. I removed the UVIR filter from the sensor from my 5N (that was quite the operation…) so it’s a full-spectrum camera now (and everything is still working great, no AF issues)

    1. True. The video is old. IIRC the latest Sony mirrorless cameras (A7III and A9II) have longer battery life than their DSLR-like counterpart (A99II).

  96. This makes me regret getting an old sony dslr they don’t seem to care for their old cameras anymore even at a sony store they didn’t have anything for their old dslr

    1. ​@purplepanda All you people do is go on websites with no clue what you are doing and comment hate messages. I’m not indian but you should know your online etiquette. “Stupid non-indian”. Its crazy how people like you find fun in teasing other people.

    2. Hoping this is just a joke, but in case you didn’t know, dslr stands dslr stands for digital single lens reflex- meaning that the viewfinder and the sensor share the same lens and “reflex” is referencing the 45° mirror in front of the sensor. The actual term for cameras like this one is MILC- mirroless interchangeable lens camera.

  97. first skip the intro bullshit if you came here for the title says. You can start at 0:47 seconds. Then after a while one finds out that this is more an add for sony then really being honest about the pros en cons and differences. Total waist of time this video.

  98. Key things to note:
    Title – “Understanding DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras”. Literally the main focus of the video was how Sony’s mirrorless cameras were in some way “superior” than other DSLR camera’s.
    Point #1 – Sony’s A7 packs one of the best full frame sensors in an interchangeable lens? Um… exactly how? Any company can say that they have the best of whatever, but when they don’t back up their statement why it’s the best, really seems more like they’re just putting together an ad that would last 30 seconds on TV saying “here’s why you should get this camera. Unlike other brands, this is way better!”
    Point #2 – Mirrorless cameras deliver less battery life. Yeah, it’s not as big as an entry level DSLR, but there’s no excuse to say that’s the main reason why. There are a bunch of smartphones out there that are extremely thin. Not only that, but they’re capable of running multiple apps, while leaving them running in the background, using the web, either with safari or chrome (also running with multiple tabs open), and a bunch of other things. I use a Moto Z2 Play, and it’s literally the thinnest phone I’ve seen in my life. No joke, the protective case I put on it is thinner than the iPhone 4S. For this reason, size should not matter, whatsoever. Really, the main battery killer is that EVF you have in the camera. If your camera is using a viewfinder that is constantly trying to assist you in aiming the camera at your subject, it’s constantly using more battery power in order to keep up.
    Point #3 – Mirrorless cameras autofocus is inferior. Yes it’s debatable, but this is just pretty much a loop back to the title of why Sony’s camera’s were “superior” than other DSLR’s.
    Point #4 – Mirrorless camera’s don’t have great lenses, but you’re using other lenses from other companies using an adapter? You’re saying it’s not true that mirrorless cameras have bad lenses but you state that we have adapters for other lenses when it comes to other big camera companies. You didn’t seem to realize that you shot yourself in the foot there, since you’re too busy boasting about the A7.
    Point #5 – A bigger camera is a better camer- What?! Why is this even a point? Yeah, bigger cameras can hold bigger sensors and all, but overall, if you’re just getting started in photography, a smartphone can deliver some great results if you don’t want to spend a lot of money just yet. It definitely won’t be as great as most cameras out there, but for practice, if you have the right techniques, the results can be surprising.
    The last thing to note: This guy is giving us a BIASED opinion why the Sony A7 is a better option than most DSLR’s. Of coarse he’s doing it, that’s why this video is on Sony’s channel. At the beginning of the video and in the description of the video, he stated that this information can help you determine whether DSLR or mirrorless cameras are better. And what does he end up doing? He ends up by giving us a 5 minute long ad for the Sony A7. It honestly is hard to find an UNBIASED opinion for anything on the internet anymore…

    P.S… Kudos to you for reading through the entire comment…

  99. Sony lenses are way expensive!
    Why buy a Canon adapter instead of just a Canon body?
    I tried Sony mirrorless and hated it . Went back to Canon DSLR!

  100. $50 for a battery….for the capacity of a AA battery. the only negative of using a small mirrorless for a wedding is the ergonomic especially when you’re using canon L lens. ..even though its lighter it feels heaver because the balance is off and the grip is smaller.

  101. The second you put a lens on that mirrorless camera, you lose every bit of size advantage. Mirrorless cameras actually take up far more room than SLR/DSLR once you account for the lenses, as additional void space needs to be added to every mirrorless specific lens to allow proper focusing. If you’re buying a mirrorless camera because “it’s smaller”, you’re an idiot.

  102. I’m looking for a camera to replace my old three hundred dollar 2012 Sony Mirrorless camera, I’m struggling with choosing between Sony a7 iii and Nikon d750 d810 something around these prices point (a little up and dow), I’m not a pro shooter but I know how to use cameras, and I mostly shooting photos not videos; I really like all of them but can you help me choose one?

  103. Why use the term “interchangeable lens camera” for mirrorless? DSLRs are interchangeable lens cameras too. You had one job, Sony. ONE.

  104. Come on guys Tell me why if DSLR’s or Mirrorless cameras are so god for video why can’t/doesn’t Canon/Sony/Nikon make a ZOOM Parfocul (Cine) Lens for the DSLR or Mirrorless cameras? One that doesn’t cost 10 to 20 times the price of the camera.

  105. Nah – There is still a huge lense problem – i tried to swap to sony (im a student), but those lens prices are insane… so i decided to keep my canon to shoot some portraits and sports and the sony for landscape of course and btw… adapter suck