Travel back 20 years, when digital cameras were the hottest new technology

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$20,000 for a 1-megapixel camera that can store up to 70 images! Transmit photos via modem! See a cutting-edge new technology called digital photography in this CNET video from 1995.


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252 thoughts on “Travel back 20 years, when digital cameras were the hottest new technology

  1. For those watching in 2020: My Nikon Z6 (A mirrorless camera) has a CFEXpress card that stores 128GB with 1700mb/s write speeds, 24 megapixels and stores 3,000 raw images or 1 hour of full 4K video. In only 20 years. Some things don’t change though: I recognize every one of these places (including the shots taken in Santa Cruz). Ahhh the heyday of CNET and tech in the SF Bay Area… I sort of miss those times.

  2. 1hr is better cause you wont deal with errors or deleted or losted or stolen or hacks the good thing abou 90s cameras they were made well and look more pro

  3. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Film (Analog) or Digital Cameras, both of them (if decent equipment is used) are 1000x better than any Smartphone Camera, period.

    PS: I know that Smartphone Cameras are Digital at all, but even comparing with Point-and-Shoot Cameras, Smartphones can’t shoot good Photos (specially when referring to Lens and Zoom Performance) just as good as those lovely 2000’s Compact Cameras.

  4. when i was a boy in the 80’s I would look out the window while my dad was driving and think, “If only i could play a video game that looked this real.” I was certain that it was impossible, I was wrong. But I still love my NES

  5. “We will shoot these, “modem” them to production…. HAha great word that did not survive the test of time (thankfully)

    1. I wish they still did! I’m tired of waiting for a million background scripts/ trackers/god knows what else to load. Modern websites are so damn bloated.

  6. It just boggles the mind how far technology has come. To think, 131 MB is precisely two RAW images on my Nikon D850.

  7. Wow i dont have to use film any more OMG how much is that thung the most high quality comeing in at a crisp 360p WOOOOOOOOOO!!! No hate i dont know what they recorded or took pictures at. ALSO RIP CHRIS FARLEY

  8. i love those early digital expansions for the camera’s. They were expensive as hell back then, and the quality. Well it was ok haha. But then it was amazing. And even the iphon 15 makes crappier pictures. yes it does.

  9. Has a resolution of over one million pixels!!!! Lol back when 1mp was god status, as someone with an s8+ and a rebel t5i I am still comfortable with .4 mp 30kb images most of the time, depends on the depth.

  10. I remember a third season episode of WALKER, TEXAS RANGER (circa 1995) where some skid row bashers were videorecording their “pranks” with a camcorder that looked like a black Etch-a-Sketch. Was that supposed to be a Casio QV10, a Sony Mavica, or an Apple Quicktake 200?

  11. digital cameras were expensive as hell in the 1990s. That’s why the traditional film type cameras survived all the way into the mid 2000s as everyman photographer tools.

  12. The three chip Sony DKC 5000 has a resolution of a million pixels
    Well if 1 megapixel impress you then I bet you’ll be thrown out of your sock when I tell you my Sony Xperia Z3 compact has a resolution of 20700000 million pixels
    How far technology has progress

  13. A camera costing 20,000 with only 131 mb of storage that’s really unheard today in our world. We would probably need 50 of those memory chips to hold all of our selfies. Yikes!!

  14. Now we have smartphones that can hold over 1000 photos and upload them directly to the Internet! Even cameras can upload them directly to the Internet!

  15. The digital camera is mostly dead in my country as smartphones have better cameras than consumer cameras.

  16. 20 years later….”Hey look what i’ve just found from my grandma junkbox.”…..”what is it???, hell no, it got a button”…….”wait what? let me see it”….”shit! wtf is this”….”there’re some kind of words at the bottom. Let see….i..p..h…o…n…e…iphone”

  17. 2:45 “…over a million pixels!”
    Woah… wait a minute. My $150 camera does 14 times more. And that happened in 20 years o_0

  18. Oh lord. Back when “cyber” was the go-to prefix for anything computer related. We really thought it was KEWL back then…

  19. All the snarky people make it seem like it’s so easy to develop this technology. It takes a lot of time and money to come up with this stuff.

    1. Well, the BEST film gear has better quality than a point and shoot digital cam. Cheap film cams were of course garbage.

  20. I bet if someone said back in ’95 “One day you will be able to take digital pictures with your telephone.” everyone would’ve laughed.

    1. @BilisNegra Yeah for famous people they had cell phones that poor people did not in the 1990s

    2. @BilisNegra Edwin land who founded Polaroid and invented instant film predicted that there would be a small camera that that fits in the pocket. One that would be useful when your memory can’t be trusted. I saw it in a documentary He wasn’t sure of the exact form but state it would be something used as often as a phone.

    3. Actually, “your telephone” was not even a thing for many people. Cellphones were still the stuff for the very rich.

  21. ‘It can store up to 70 images’ lol wonder how they’d react to a camera that can store literally thousands of images

  22. *Then*
    $20,000 for a 1-megapixel camera that can store up to 70 images! Transmit photos via modem!

    $20 for a 4-megapixel camera that can store up to 10000 images! Transmit photos via broadband internet!

  23. “let’s see what they think 20years later about…” no! We will die in 2025 when china will nuke us

    1. Luis Cambron Her name is Gina St John (coincidentally, she was my first crush!) and she’s now a real estate agent.

  24. UP TO 131 MEGABYTES?!?!? … actually, my first computer had a 20 MB HDD and we thought that was future-proof. I still remember the day I found out they’d broke 1 GB of hard storage, it’s like, what’s the point after that? You’ll never need 1,000,000,000 bytes!!

  25. Blows my mind. All that nostalgia just comes flooding back. Netscape. People talking about “the Net”, small capacity drives. The memories are alive!

    1. @Anthony Bogucki Hey, I understand spraying and praying, but when I shoot a wedding, I take around 4000 photos. I usually get a call later asking did I get something that wasn’t on the disc. So I’m better off have more than required, because I’ll never know.

    2. My quality is good. But my photoshoots are all day events, 8 hours non stop. They require lots of images, poses, wardrobe changes. They add up.

    3. @Hi I’m Kris 🙂 Then you need to focus on your composition and actual skill rather then spraying and praying. Quantity does not equal quality.

  26. And 30 years from now when we have cybernetic eye replacements with built-in cameras along with other optics we’ll be looking at vids from 2015 of “high end” digital cameras and smart phone cameras saying things like “we really used those things” or “damn, we’ve come a long way”. (h+)

  27. “We came, we ordered, we videotaped” . Do we still use the word “videotaped”? And “net”. These words have seemed to evaporate from daily use. This was awesome! I can’t believe its been twenty years!

  28. Holy crap, I actually had to purchase 3 of those apple cameras and 10 of those casios back in the day for a uni i worked for back then. I remember the purchase order being some where close to 10 grand after everything was configured. Also ordered a mavica with the floppy drive just in case some of the instructors wanted to use their own floppies.

    1. @***** tell me 1 thing with holograms, i mean the ones like from movies ,not the one like from 2pac (hologram 2pac)

    1. @Kev50027 Well when it comes to photography 2MP is terrible because of downscaling and other effects. Display on the other hand is different. A 2MP Display would almost 1920×1080. I think the correct number would be 1.7MP because mostly everyone uses a 720p Display or better.

    1. @Giulio Catena I never said theres anything wrong with them. I still have my nokia 3310 that works perfectly fine. What i intended was that technology wise it can’t stand its ground with the current phones on the market.

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