Top 5 Coolest digital cameras you can buy!

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To become a better photographer you need to create a lot images. It’s as simple as that. So a camera that you enjoy using becomes much more important than one with the latest and greatest specs/features. My standing advice for someone choosing between two cameras is to “buy the cool one”. This is a list of my 5 favorite cameras when I ignore everything about them except for the cool factor.

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PS. Im listing digital cameras only because analog film cameras kinda have the “coolness” built into the film roll. And I still find digital to be wrongfully considered a bit “geeky” in comparison. Imo thats not really true, there are lots of “cool” digital cameras.. even though my modified SX-70 is pretty much the coolest thing ever. 😉

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248 thoughts on “Top 5 Coolest digital cameras you can buy!

  1. PS. Im listing digital cameras only because analog film cameras kinda have the “coolness” built into the film roll. And I still find digital to be wrongfully considered a bit “geeky” in comparison. Imo thats not really true, there are lots of “cool” digital cameras.. even though my modified SX-70 is pretty much the coolest thing ever. 😉

  2. I’m still shooting with my somewhat bashed up X20. It just accompanied me on a couple of weeks camping in Western Australia’s Pilbara reason. It has limitations in terms of dynamic range and other things & I really should shoot RAW! I do need to update I guess, but my Instagram still has some great memories captured with this camera.

  3. Mattias vad säger du om Olympus epl 5-8? Too old? Wish buy a second hand one. I found fujifilm very plastic though they do have better picture quality. Thinking of Olympus epl7 because it has wifi. I like the built quality of Olympus.
    Miss Sweden when see your reviews, sitting in Indonesia since 10 years back.

  4. I have a Q and Q7 both of which I love so much. The only thing I would change on them would be added wifi. Fingers crossed for an updated model sometime soon 🤞

  5. I can’t see the appeal of a 6.1 mp camera for $1600, for the R-D1S, better off buying a used Leica film camera in my opinion.

  6. Never thought that you make a video for “camera fanboy”,
    and i like that haha.
    These cameras are cool and a cool camera really encourage people to go out and shoot.
    No shooting, no photography.

  7. Hi Matthias , I’m subscribed to your channel , and sometimes I enjoy so much your videos that I watched twice .. this is not the exception.. but I have a lx7 lumix what is your opinion on that lumix?

  8. You’re not interested in the Sony a6000-series? I remember that you talked about the a7 a few times but what do you think of the little brothers?

    1. I’ve had the a6000, 6400 and 6500. Was not impressed enough to make a review. I don’t want to review cameras I wouldn’t recommend.

  9. Could you please make a video titled “5 great reasons to keep just one camera and lens and sell the rest of your gear ”
    I’m having trouble letting go 🙂 Thank you…

  10. I respect your love of compact street shooters. Oh, and thanks for reminding me about the GXR. ☺️💸

  11. I still would kind of like a GXR for the uniqueness but then I’d never shoot with it and it’d collect dust… So it’s better off in someone else’s hands for the moment.

    I also never realized how expensive the R-D1s was, holy cowabunga!

  12. My proposal is Olympus E-1. Camera which I own from 2004. My first real camera that thought me everything. Will never let it go. Will be with me forever.

  13. coolest camera’s ive used/want/got 5: Fujifilm Xpro3 4: Fujifilm X100/s/t/f/v 3: Ricoh GR II/III 2: Pentax Q 1: Leica M10p

  14. You hit it out of the park with your image quality vid. Even here the M-8 sneaks into this post. How can you leave it out? Plus the Nikon Df, which gets no love lately. The Ricoh with the module is new to me and definitely is cool. I’ll check it out. Did you ever do a comparison with the GR2/3?

  15. Hi Mattias, love your channel. I’ve got a question.. What do u think of the Nikon Z6, and would you consider reviewing it on your next video? Thanks again, keep up the great videos! 🙂

  16. Exposure compensation is still found frequently on newer releases. I never use it and wish it will disappear in time.

  17. Hey Mattias can you please let me know what lens you used for the “black and white escalator” shot with the Pentax Q?

    1. Mattias Burling ahhhhh I was hoping you knew the exact lens lol. I’m currently looking into buying a lens and I love the way that shot came out. I’m really looking at the 03 & 04. Possibly the 06. Thanks dude!

    2. I can’t remember off the top of my head but if you check my review of the Q I list the lens underneath all the images.

  18. I don’t know if I should buy Sony a7 or ricoh rg III, the one is bulkier but can change lenses etc. and the other is tiny and nice :/

  19. You have a very talented eye for photography, so obviously the camera won’t matter, your pictures are amazing. Nice video as usual 🙂

  20. They are cool, but also museum pieces. My vote goes to the new X100V, Q2 as well if money is taken out of the equation.

  21. Been watching your videos for a while, subscribed for about a year. Man, you rock. Nothing pumps me up or makes me feel better about getting into this hobby than watching your videos. Your voice, your style, you subject (Especially gunpowder) are like some kind of zen meditation. My only regret is not having enough money to buy basically everything you recommend, but I’ve done my best to improve as a photographer using my A6500, RX100V and I just picked up an A7 for full frame stills. I might modify the A7 for astrophotography, or I might just pick up an A6000 for that. Great channel, as always.

  22. An excellent list. I’d swap you #1 and #2 and add the Pentax K-01 in yellow of course. Now I want a ‘Q’ all over again.

  23. the ‘Burling Algorithm’ at work to great effect here, thank you. How about cameras that could be cool, if only…
    Sigma FP (could’ve been a full-frame Pentax Q) Fix it’s negative of having electronic shutter only with proprietary lenses featuring leaf shutters & ND. Give us m-mount adaptor with the same, is that possible? …

  24. And for the first time in forever you ignored the Df – shame on you Mattias – you always find a way to weave it in to your reviews.

  25. Hey Mattias, this is off topic but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the X100V. I went for the GRIII over the X100F due to the soft lens on the Fuji, but this new version with the new lens is really tempting!

    I’d be keeping my Ricoh whether or not I choose to splurge on the Fuji due to the unmatched portability.

  26. IDK man im a fan of your videos and I enjoy your commentary on cameras but none of these are even close to the coolest… I suppose for me cool is different i prefer a better shooting experience and IQ over “old but still good” ive had countless cameras and none of them hold a candle to more of my modern bodies. Ive owned 72 different cameras over the years and none of the old ones are even a consideration (besides my old leica m6 but thats film) of coolest. Still a great video and every camera you mentioned are pretty neat, albeit i would never buy one

    For me its ones that ive owned
    1. Leica m10
    2. Panasonic s1
    3. Panasonic gh5
    4. Leica T
    5. Ricoh gr ii

  27. Coolness is part of the reason I love my kp. Sure it’s not the best but it has character for days and I love shooting with it.

  28. The Fujifilm X20?! I never expected you, or anyone to mention that camera on a list like this. I had sold my Sony A7 as I wasn’t using it and had finished a job so wanted to downgrade to something. I really wanted a Fujifilm X100S, but couldn’t justify the price. However after some research I discovered the Fujifilm X20, and managed to pick one up used. The X10/20/30 is probably the most feature packed compact cameras from Fujifilm and it’s annoyed me that they’ve discontinued the line. Without that camera I wouldn’t have the job I’ve been doing the last 3 and a bit years. It literally changed my life.

    Here’s some features it has that’s amazing for a compact camera, a sharp zoom lens covering most focal lengths (the optical viewfinder also zooms), a hotshoe, macro mode, full manual mode, raw, Fujifilm filters, a leaf shutter with flash synch to 1/1000th of a second, a tiny sensor meaning more sharpness and helping to get closer. And it looks cool.

    Put all that together and I have my studio camera I use with 4 speed lights and close-up filters for photographing jewellery.

    I’ve met a few people using an X10/20 or 30 on the streets and they all seem to love it.

    If it wasn’t for that tiny compact camera, I wouldn’t be out there shooting film on a daily basis. I do miss using it on the street, but I’m tempted to get another, or an X100V. For anyone else I’d suggest going for the X30 over the X10 or X20 as they might prefer the EVF over the OVF.

  29. I’ve got the GXR with the A12 Leica mount, and the M8 but i’m still drawn to the RD-1 ….. and I’m a film shooter!!

  30. Of all the digital cameras I have owned, my current Olympus EM10 mk3 is the coolest. Probably because it reminds me of my old FM3A. Once set up, simple to use, small, great lens (Oly 12-40 Pro), and it just looks cool to me in a retro kind of way. Interesting to me is that all of the latest and greatest offerings being announced lately have not tempted me one bit towards replacing it. I think I called out the Nikon in my previous post as a FM4A, but I think it is a FM3A. It is currently hiding in a safe.

  31. Interesting! My favourite is: Olympus Pen-F – not the best of all, not the cheapest…but a joyful toy to bring back fun and creativity (for me). Can you do same presentation of much cheaper digital cameras?

  32. I’m a film shooter only but you have caught my attention with the Epson! Didn’t even know they made cameras!

    But it is too expensive 🙁

  33. My coolest cameras are film based in no particular order. My favorite 35mm is the Nikon FM4A. Simple, built like a tank, easy to use and the silver is really cool. Second is my beat up old Mamiya RB67. The big lens on this camera system were beyond cool. Finally the Hasselblad 500 series. Everything is cool on this camera, the body, the lens are so well built, smooth to operate, the shutterssound is beyond, the accessories, everything. And a pennies on the dollar today.

    1. @Mattias Burling well if it weren’t for you I’d probably forgotten that the Pentax Q system exists, and now I might buy one just for the cool factor

    2. I forgot to add some info from the Poll we did on the community tab before the video. It was digital only because its always been considered kinda “geeky” compared to film. And this list was a way to show that there are some pretty cool digital cameras as well 🙂

  34. Not gonna lie, was hoping the E-P5 was on the list.. it’s been on others but DAMN I love the little e-p5. Great vid as always my man!
    Had a feeling the RD1 would be on the list with all the instagram time it’s gotten 😛

  35. This isn’t a popular camera, but you should test the Olympus XZ1. I use it everyday and it makes excellent photos, I think its because its still using a CCD sensor. Has a bright and sharp F1.8-2.5 lens (looks pretty similar to the Pentax MX1), also small and pocketable. By the way excellent video as always and looking forward to more in the future!

  36. Aww, the little X20, one of my favourite cameras. So fun to use and looks great, my first digital camera 😁

  37. what does the epson typically cost you in $US, I looked on eBay here I. Australia I could only find 3 and they ranged from $2500 – $6000 which seems really outrageous.

  38. My Top 5
    1) MiNT Instantflex tl70 2.0
    2) Minolta SR-T 101
    3) Canon 7s
    4) Nikon F (1970) w/ 50mm f/1.2 Ai-S
    5) Sony a7

  39. That was fun and a welcome relief from the usual, this is the next greatest item to buy.
    For me it would be the Olympus Pen F, I sold it and then a year later purchased it again.👍

  40. 0:39 The Pentax Q-S1 has a 1/1.7″ sensor not 1/7″.
    That camera really punches above its weight. I would love to get one, especially for the weight. You could easily carry it everywhere!

  41. You give up so little with modern cameras – all with fast processors etc. They’re nerdy, and safe.I need that, but will have to look at getting a talisman camera for fun maybe. GM5 with speedbooster and OM lenses is about as risky as I get when shooting digital.

  42. Terrific video as usual. The RD1 is top of the list of my most wanted cameras. The gauges are just loaded with retro cool and edge out the leica m8 IMO. Until I can find one in my budget the X-t1 and xpro1 will have to make due.

  43. I guess I’m a bit of a throw-back, too. I like to think my Nikon Df + Nikon 60mm f/2.8D is awfully cool! That setup always makes me happy to shoot! Keep up the good work!

  44. Being a Nikon hobbyists shooter, at some point a few years ago I switched from a DSLR to Nikon 1 system and still find it very cool. Very close size to the Q, great image quality, interchangeable lenses, cool design. I never used the Q but based on your review it has much more technical limitations than the 1, not to mention much more drastic light restrictions of a smaller sensor. Too bad you never get a hold of the 1 series, I can guarantee you would love it more than the Q.

  45. One cool camera I use to own was the Samsung Galaxy Camera a small point and shoot but built off a galaxy so it had access to the app store and you could download cool apps like a: VHS simulator, Vaporwave simulator, Polaroid, tintprint and just could have a lot of fun with it..also being phone shaped it could easily fit in a pants pocket, which means it could be taken anywhere ..very stealthy

  46. Not a sexy camera by any stretch of the imagination, but I still get giddy every time I shoot my trusty Nikon d800. It gets out of my way, it’s controls feel great, and the files are stunning.

  47. No Sigma? I got DP Merrill after seeing one of your videos and I think it is really good and fun to use, thanks 🙂 I have two GXR:s, missing the 28mm module, but otherwise pretty complete. It’s at great camera but it is getting a bit expensive. Would really like to try the Pentax Q sometime. Great vid, keep up the good work?

  48. You are so right, my coolest camera was an old 35mm Olympus Pen, brilliant lens and being compact I carried it everywhere and used it a lot.

  49. You and blunty are the main contributors for myself purchasing the Pentax Q7. Not for the need but mainly the want.

  50. For me, the Lumix GM1 is probably the coolest camera I’ve ever used. I generally love miniatures, and this camera is no taller than the lens mount, and has amazing build quality, and a design worthy of Leica (curiously, the Leica CL looks very much like an upsized GM5, even more than it does an M).

    1. I have a GM1 as well. Only wished it had a mechanical shutter that could go over 1/500. And the build quality of the Q (or Leica). But I use it a lot for video on my channel.

  51. I find a minolta dimage a1 5.0 megapixel at the local second hand store. Interesting bridge camera, before Sony was in the game!

  52. My five favorite for fun:
    1. Hasselblad XPan w/ 45mm lens
    2. Leica M6 and either 28mm, 35mm or 50mm Summicron.
    3. FujiX100F or XPro2
    4. Ricoh GR
    5. Olympus Pen F
    6. Extra listing: All Sigma DP Merrell cameras: DP1M, DP2M, DP3M

    1. Have to agree a lot with this list. Leica M6, Fuji X100 series, Ricoh GR and the Sigma DP2 Merril are all awesome. I’d add the Leica M9 too. The Fuji X-E3 is very overlooked and more people should own one. 🙂

  53. My Top camera is the Sony RX100 M3, you can buy a M4 or 5 too. But the M3 has everything you need. Menu is crap as usual with Sony, but it does everything, and well. You just have to remember it’s a 1″ sensor, don’t expect Full frame results.

    1. @blessings42 that’s exactly why it’s great… And now for 300$ you can buy a Gimbal for it if you want to do videos. Has built-in ND filter. So 24 fps at 1/50s is possible in Bright day light. What do you need more? Better menus that’s all.

  54. Cool video 🙂 Last week I sold my Sony a58 with 3 lenses to buy the original x100, never been happier (or cooler) with my everyday carry as I am now 🙂

  55. Dear Mattias, I understand that the Leica MD doesn’t shoot Jpg, shame for me. In your opinion what would be the closest Leica to the MD (with Raw and Jpg) in terms of conception and quality ? Thanking you in advance.

  56. I’ve had the first model of Pentax Q (two of them in fact, one kept mis-reading cards, so I got a refund), and had a selection of the lenses. Very enjoyable to use, with the standard prime, and the fisheye. The toy telephoto is actually quite high quality, don’t be fooled. Also, the Pentax Q emits DNG as its raw format! I don’t have the Pentax Q set any more, I traded them in for what was to become my ‘one’ camera a short while later.

    1. All Pentax cameras put out DNG format RAWs, and have for years. Super convenient, and I can’t understand why all camera manufacturers don’t do this.

    2. My ‘one’ camera (once I sold all my other cameras* including my Nikon gear) was to be a first-generation Sony RX10. I still have it, it still is my ‘one’ camera

      *with the exception of a couple more: a Sony A5100 I bought from a family member who ordered it from eBay then didn’t want it (I use it with a left-over Nikon Micro-Nikkor 55mm with an adaptor) and also a Fuji 770EXR I forgot I had because it was tucked in a drawer
      (incidentally, it takes the same batteries as my Pentax Q did – Mattias, see that the Fuji X20 (I had an X10) and the Pentax Q batteries are actually identical!). But, that first generation Sony RX10 is still my one and only.

  57. I have the x20 at the moment, i had the Q and Q-S1. But i think the coolest one is Sigma DP2. Slow and with lot of limitations but great results.

  58. Mattias, which camera would you suggest for a small almost pocketable 50mm equavalent lens with wiewfinder ?

  59. I agree with your list, except the 5th place, Oly Pen F or some OM-D should be there… Or Pentax MX-1.

    1. Every ones list will of course be different. If I would be forced to include an Olympus it would be my favorite, the E-P5.

  60. I would recoment you to test the Pentax K01, i switched from the leica m9 to this pentax. There isn´t a lot of difference in the image Quality. The Pentax K01 is way better than every one is telling you.

    1. @Jakob Wagner I’ve had my eyes on it for a while now, also because I’ve always suspected what you said earlier, that it’s a way better camera than most reviewiers say. Maybe they can’t get past its quirky design… 🙂

    2. @Mattias Burling Oh, I´ve only seen bad Youtube Reviews about it. I bought mine in Yellow for 210$. At the Moment Iam using it with the Pentax 50mm 1.8, but iam thinking about switching to an 35mm lens.

  61. My cool camera is a common one, a Fuji X-E1. The secret is that I’ve adapted a set of Olympus Pen F lenses from the ’60s to it. They were designed for half frame, which is just the tiniest bit larger than APS-C, so the focal lengths work out pretty much as they were designed to in terms of angle of view. And the resolution is excellent. A little flare prone, but I’m not complaining…

    1. Now that is cool. I bet the Olympus lenses produce sharper shots too. I own the Pen F and the Fuji X system and notice the Fuji has more dynamic range to play with, but the Pen F produces better details up close.

  62. I assume the Epson refuses to take a B&W photo when it runs out of magenta ink. And replacement ink costs more than the camera.

    1. @Single Lens Reflex In many ways I consider Leica to be an affordable option to Fuji 🙂
      Prices are getting out of hand imo when an x100v is more than an M8+lens and even more than a used mint CL + 23mm.. crazy.

  63. Any oldish pro-dslr that’s a bit beaten up and tatty, and clearly been round the world a few times, would be my shout for ‘cool’

  64. Or… The top 5 digital cameras about to go up in price on Ebay. 🙂

    Love the vid Mattias, please keep them coming.

  65. The Fuji X20 was one camera that I had actually contemplated buting as a fun camera, I only seem to find examples with faults.
    I do love the idea of the RD1 as well.

  66. I would probably go back to the Sony A7S bought it second hand for a bargain. Was my first FF Sony. Later sold it to fund the A7iii. Though it lacks the performance of the latter for some reason it was cooler. I imagine that 5-10 years from now I may end up getting a second one again 🙂

  67. I thought to myself, “Epson? Never heard of it. What the heck makes this such a cool camera?”
    *Watches the analog dials spool up.*
    “I WANT ONE!!”

    1. I sold mine a few months ago…no service, no parts. Worried about even picking it up LOL! Always hard to sort out how other people view the unique look produced by a digital sensor/processor. Mileages vary. I think I read the sensor is the same as that used in a 2003-era Nikon that can be had for $40 or $50 bucks. Sold mine for $600 so not bad for a 6 meg digital cam born at the dawn of the digital era.

  68. Nailed it Once again 👍
    Not owned any or likely to as the £ just went up! 😂
    Time to sell up and go Leica!

    1. The same reason they killed that lovely X70 with the tilt screen…because phones are more popular, and Fuji wants you to buy into their Xtrans system.

  69. Hi Mattias
    I totally agree with
    I have had lots of cameras but the only device with which I totally felt so enthusiast and joyful was an old Nokia smartphone with a Zeiss lens cos it was discretions and all about composition and searching for the best light
    with more powerful cameras I feel a little bit strange ….and the purpose of photography for me get lost …photography is for me just searching for a different language for express what I wanna say
    thanks for your videos a

  70. I know it may not be as cool as some of the others on this list, but the Fujifilm X70 would have to appear on this list somewhere. I’m on my third (one stolen, one sold) and this current one is just gorgeous and I’m not letting it go. I have the Ricoh GR III which is more pocketable, faster, and stealthier, but it’s just not the same.

  71. The coolest/ most fun to use camera I have bought in the last five years is my Nikon Z50. I love using it. It is so simple to get great videos and stills out of it. The new lenses made for this camera are part of the fun. They work well for me contrary to all the bitching on YT about them. I love the simple interface and handling.

    1. R Nuttmann Honestly, I’d really like the Z50 if it was internally stabilized. That just helps to much, especially if you adapt other lenses to it. I know that the correct response to that is “git gud” but after leaning on it in my K-1, it’s just so nice to stick any lens I have on there and not worry about it for shooting indoors or just walking around in poor light. But that means I should just take the K-1 out more, haha. Happy shooting with the Z50! Enjoy it!

  72. Darn it, Mattias! You’re making want so many different cameras! The Nikon Df is on my radar because of you as is the Epson, NOW I’m looking at that Pentax Q with envy.

    1. The Df was my favorite camera! ever the quality is amazing the colors!!!!! and has the biggest pixel of the market, the dynamic range in amazing, now I use the D4 same sensor a little faster, but soon i back to the DF also I use the Z6…

  73. My coolest camera is the Ricoh GXR, with cosina voigtlander Snapshot Skopar 25mm F4 glued to it. I bet you will love the subtle clicks in focus ring on that lens for zone focus.

  74. Olympus E-M5 Mark II
    This camera has some very unique features.

    Pentax ME w/35mm lens. Its a small simplified SLR so much so its a point ń shoot w/interchangeable lens.

  75. Hah, nice to see the Fuji x20 on here, recently bought the x30 used, and love using it. I bring it along with me everywhere, letting me take some fantastic pictures when my DSLR is not with me. It is far from the best camera out there, but the most important part, for me at least, is that it is super fun and a joy to use.

  76. I just bought a X20 a couple weeks ago. Colors or just so so but it really works great in mono. I have C1 set to high contrast and C2 to less contrast with more “grain”.

    1. Got the X10, and love(-d) it. Most of my favourite pictures have been made with it, but it’s not fully functional anymore, and since the X40 never came, I got myself an X30 last year. Not quite as cool, but it works, and still got that awesome zoom lens. Still dreaming of an X100 with a 50mm-lens …

    2. @Mattias Burling The lens is lush and has great range. Figuring out zone focus on it for street. Thanks for the video.

  77. Funny thing.
    I decided to jump ship from archery to photography and bought into a used fuji x-t1 (loved it and miss it). Some years later the collection contains an x-t2, some lenses, a decent tripod, bags and a Wolverine filter kit (those do NOT come cheap) and a bunch of trinkets.
    Oddly. The best photos I take and the most fun i have shooting is with the butt naked x-t2 and a Kamlan 50/1.1. In fact. It rarely comes off the camera anymore. And it’s cool. Very cool! 😎📸

    1. I find when you go simple kit wise you can concentrate on getting great images. Extra kit all has its place but light, mobile and simple seems to get me my best results.

    2. @Mattias Burling I guess the same rule we used in said archery is very much applyable into photography to. K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple Stupid 😉

    1. @Prashanth Panicker I don’t believe Epson would ever make the camera, why should they. I was just commenting on the shrinking camera market which isn’t true in the premium segment.

    2. Mattias Burling think about it from Seiko-Epson’s point of view though. The ROI would be much smaller than the numerous other lithography and semiconductor things they do. Plus a vertically integrated company like that would never outsource a sony sensor (even though it would do the job just fine).

    3. @Prashanth Panicker not in the premium segment. There it’s growing. Leica is having trouble making the cameras fast enough. Same on most premium industries. Try walking into a watch shop and buy a Rolex Submariner at list price.. your lucky if you only have to wait a year 🙂

    4. That’s true for consumer product, premium products are growing and the first model is unfindable on ebay, just slap a 24mpx sensor on that thing and see it fly off the shelves

    5. Gabriele Brunetti no it wouldn’t. The digital camera market is shrinking and it costs a ton of money to develop a new camera.

  78. Good question. I’d say the camera which felt most awesome and quite special in my hands was the Samsung NX500. I sold it because Samsung shut down its camera section and there didn’t exist any electronic adapters for Samsung NX to Canon EF. But when it comes to handling and a good feeling during recording the footage I never had a camera again which I liked so much.

    1. @ll Eftanyel ll Well, today OSX supports h.265 natively but if this doesn’t work for you Samsung has / had an own converter which worked pretty well when I used it. But I also heard about Rocky Mountain, this should work too.

    2. I got the nx500 when it came out and it was my very first camera. Since samsung shut down their production I only have two lenses and I don’t really like the handling any more. But I have one big question. How do you handle the videos ? Like how do you convert the format ? Because I can’t work with the h.265

    3. I had both the NX500 and NX1 for video. Would be fun to try them for stills as well. Very cheap these days.

    1. Hmm, coolest cameras… well, I haven’t used a ton.
      I had a Holga from back when they were like $30, you had to use electrical tape on the back to reduce light leaks (or not), and the plastic lens had funny smeared spots, and at first it was super cool because you never knew what would come out on the negative, and sometimes you got a cool surprise.
      I had a plastic but fantastic film camera, I think it was a Yashika (I do remember it had a sharp Zeiss T* lens). Metering was automatic, but it had two optical rangefinders: one on top, meant for you to look down into and shoot from the waist, and it had a fairly quiet operation. It was like my poverty Leica.
      My wife got me a solid metal Pentax, and it had a lot of lifetime stories (aka scratches), but I couldn’t find a battery for the meter so I never ended up using it.
      I think my #1 coolest camera wasn’t even all that rare. An Olympus E-620. It was really thin, but it had a decent optical viewfinder, and it had the option to use live view with the fully articulating flippy screen. The grip was more like a hook. I enjoyed the ergos and size, even at weird shooting positions (I think it was my first camera with image stabilization), it had more features than I felt like I could master in 5 years, and some amazing colors that seemed really emotional and capable of telling a story. I think I liked the colors and to-the-left asymmetrical viewfinder and Mount position of the E-500 more, and took my favorite shots with that, but I used the E620 more and just felt like it was cooler 🙂

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