PRO PHOTOGRAPHER vs CHEAP OLD CAMERA 📸The results are pretty cool

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In this free youtube photography video adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj takes out his first digital camera to take photos of a waterfall from todays point of view. The results are pretty cool though there were some tough challenges to compete.



Camera and Edit: Timothy Edwards
Production and Director: Benjamin Jaworskyj
Easy learn Photography with Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj

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138 thoughts on “PRO PHOTOGRAPHER vs CHEAP OLD CAMERA 📸The results are pretty cool

  1. Very nice video man…
    I think if you give an explanation detail how to set it etc to get the best result like that with a pocket camera, that would be more awesome. Right now I can afford used pocket camera. I want to capture the moment with my family. That thing will help a lot for the pro like result picture.

  2. My first camera was probably some 80s-90s commercial film point and shoot.

    My first Digital camera was some model made by HP Pavilion I think.

    First SLR was a Canon Rebel G

    First DSLR was a Canon Rebel T1i

    Current DSLR Canon Rebel T3i

    I’m currently considering finally making a jump to a full frame censor camera. But, I’m trying to do my research and weigh my options. Their pretty pricey so I want to make sure I make a good buy.

    I also have a cyber shot and power shot that I use. Though the idea at the time was that people were making photos and art with Holga cameras and still are. So, I thought why not get a cheap point and shoot and see if I can do something with it.

  3. As a professional photographer I must say all camera can take a photo. Not all photographer gave big skills. That being said after I bough the d3 4,000 in.2007. I bought it on ebay. It the best camera I ever used. I would rather use that camera than a phone camera or a cheap camera. My.point is better camera will take better photos. But you.need skill before you need a better camera.

  4. Hello. I like point and shoot cameras. They are very reliable and are very good tools to shoot. I have used all types from low mega pixels to high mega pixels. They all create great photographs.

  5. I’m a professional photographer. In my opinion after I used the d3 I feel the better camera the better the images. I say that because the d3 is the best camera I ever used so far

  6. If you don’t own an nd filter or polarising filter you can just put your sunglasses in front of the lens, plus these old cameras with tiny sensors tend to do close-ups pretty well too. I have an old nikon aw100 I take with me when I go to the beach, I have a spare battery for it and always take dozens of shots, usually get a handful of keepers. Some of my best photos have been taken this way, it definitely keeps the fun in photography.

  7. In these days
    that I have wanted, to renew my old camera, analyzing the subject, the mobiles,
    the diversity of cameras and brands is to drink Crazy. I respect the work of
    many people behind technology. However I see it too costly for the average
    Latin American citizen. The plastic materials used are very cheap, the cameras
    are very FACE. Companies think of the middle class upwards, will we continue to
    use mobiles ??? Yes for now. Att Jose Pascual

  8. I still take pictures with my old fuji av200. Has some cool features for a camera that came out in 2011 and cost me about $80.

  9. First, I used to take photos on my mobile camera. It was a Samsung Galaxy J8. Recently I bought my first ever camera and it is a canon ixus 185. It has 20 mp camera with 8x optical zoom and I can control the shutter speed manually but obviously it has it own restrictions. But the lowest shutter speed I can opt to set is 5 seconds. I can’ only set the ISO within 100 – 800. And even I can’t set the aperture. It is automatic. Whatever it is, it is my first camera which I bought with my own savings. I will definitely shoot beautiful photos with it.

  10. OMAGAH! You’re so cool!! 😍😍😍 7.2mp and you still can take the BEST picture OMG OMG 😍😍😍😍😍 So it’s not about how much the prices of tools we have, but about the SKILLS! Love the result! ❤️

  11. that shows that maybe super professional camera won’t do anything if you don’t know how to use properly and even a simple camera can do amazing stuff. I’m glad you made that video, gave me some amazing ideias. tks 🙂

  12. Started shooting again with an old fujifilm s2550hd. It certainly makes you slow down and consider your choice of settings more when you use a camera with limited settings. But… it is more fun than I remember.

  13. I have an old HP Photosmart 733 camera that I found at an antique shop for about 5 or 8 dollars, I can’t remember. Only 3.2 megapixels. My photos are pretty amateur (no filters, no tripod, usually auto settings) but when I have the time I wouldn’t mind challenging myself to take great photos with this old camera.

  14. Haha I still use my old camera ^^Bought a Nikon D3000 8-9 years ago when I wanted to try photography out, but I put it in the closet until a few months ago when I took it out of the closet again XD

  15. 1971 Minolta 35mm is my first…cannot find the viewing lens that fell off. Also, cannot find film, developer, or a darkroom…😥

  16. I just love these videos because that’s the only kind of camera that I can afford here in Brazil. Damn, these things are expensive…

  17. My mom brought me the D300. It s a rigid and strong camera build and has a built-in motor focus. Always uses it for college’s works. With AFS 24-120mm FX, it s feel umm, okay(?) and AFS Tamron 17-50 non VC. The sad one is those lenses are discontinued because so much hate comments about them 🙁

    Upgrading to D5600 because I need to shoot videos:) (and the D300 wont let me uses the AFP lenses 😢). The D300 comes with a great kit lense, AFP 18-55 VR DX, the focus ring is soooo smooth and it s suitable for video recording. Very happy with it 🙂 (Yeah I know the auto focus is suck, so I mostly use manual focus 😁

  18. My first was a Panasonic FZ35.
    The thing that sucked most about it were the controls. I used that plasticy joystick until it fell apart.

  19. My first camera I can’t remember, but my first digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix 995, 3,3MP. Mirrorless, articulated body (or lens) for selfies before the were hip and I still have it. Probably all batteries are dead as a doornail. 😂

    1. Lol my first, (and current :/) camera is a nikon coolpix s3600 20.1mp compact camera. It was a old camera my dad had so I’m using it until i get a new one.

  20. Love your channel. I’ve recently gotten in to photography and bought the Sony a6000. Question now is where to store and back up all the pics in high quality. Google photo? I did do a search of your videos but don’t see anything on photo storage. Thanks!

  21. nikon s4 6megapixels… we tend to under estimate it… but its simple and true… the best camera is the one you hold in your hands. The difference is made by the photographer.

    1. Very true. I use a 5 year old nikon coolpix s3600 daily and get some nice shots out of it. I had to mount a selfie stick for a phone in line with the lens to get smoother shots on it but it looks great!

  22. Great videos! I’m planning to go to iceland for 2 weeks, 4 people in april, with a a6500. What lenses would you recomend? Keep the great work. Have fun

  23. Diggah that seems like a “don’t know what to do but gotta but content out there” video. I’d love to see you getting back to old standards…

  24. My first camera and still my camera – Sony DSC -H70.
    Its a cheap digital camera just like the one u using not a DSLR 😉

  25. Wow that looks awesome! Still looks better than the photos I’ve taken haha! I’m still learning my way around my Sony A5100.

  26. I wouldn’t drive and hike miles just to test a 11 year old camera. It’s a waste of time. I sell my old gear, and I don’t miss them.

    1. I actually own Pentax 110 camera beautiful lenses I use them on mirrorless today they still can be quite stunning and give me a great look you can’t get from modern lenses

  27. In 2015 I took my first digital camera with 1.3 megapixel and took landscape and baby photos of my daugther. They look very good for images of a 14 years old camera. Today the camera is 17 years old and works

  28. I’m going to looking for my old Olympus 3.2 Mpx purchased in 2004… I took such amazing pictures with that camera 🙂

  29. 🎩Your choice of hats is definitely moving up — baseball cap to fedora(?), top hat next time?😃. My first cam was all analog, all manual film — switching to digital w/all the new controls and settings to master was difficult. Going back to your first digital must have been easy after you mastered the basics and advanced skills of digital photography. Was using the cam than easy when you first got it? My guess is no.

  30. Panasonic LUMIX S3, I can’t control aperture, shutter speed, or focus points on it, the only manual control are iso and white balance

  31. The only problem i encounter with my cheap first camera is poor battery life (Genius G-Shot 510 and Mini DV Small Camera)

  32. This video is what I was looking for, thank you for opening our mind that old camera can still take a good photos. It’s not all about the cameras, but it’s about the user that use the camera have much experience

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