How to FAKE THE SUPER 8MM Film look with digital cameras!

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1,038 thoughts on “How to FAKE THE SUPER 8MM Film look with digital cameras!

  1. Not even close, just actually buy a super 8 camera and film and do it. It will look much better and isn’t insanely expensive.

  2. Vintage is getting me crazy too, now I’m all 1800’s New York City 3D renders with the Enterprise overhead. Hope your door is ok bud. Great Content 🙂

  3. Dear Peter, can you please answer the following 3 Questions please, 1. When people recorded with one of these camera’s back in the 1970s and watched their footage back on some sort of large screen, would they always see the sprocket on the screen. 2. How would they view back their footage, was it through a TV or something else. 3. Today we store our video on hard drives and the cloud, how did people store their super 8 video back in the 1970s.

  4. Could you do a side by side test with the android app which is Super 16 by Dmitry Shatilov as this does super 8 etc and a normal Super 8 camera and get 500T film and video the exact same scene and compare to see if the app is like the actual film.

  5. You should download the app from the Google App Store which is called Super 16 and make sure that app developer is Dmitry Shatilov, this gives you an amazing Super 8 look.

  6. No sharpness, contrast
    Natural shake footage
    Shoot vintage things
    Shoot in 4:3 aspect ratio
    Shoot in higher aperture, f8-9

  7. Hi Peter, l did enjoy your clip about super 8 but for me is better to use original super 8. Is more expensive but super 8 is super GREAT. Greetings from Europe Peter. Best C… 🎥🤟👍😎🥁

  8. I’m doing some promo videos for my wife’s antiques store and I think this technique would be great for the video intros. Thanks for this!

  9. Peter, would love to see a video on film photography! Loved Matti’s recent one, would love to hear your thoughts and experience 🙂

  10. The quickest and easiest way is to film your TV screen replaying your footage. It looks pretty impressive if done right with no background noise and the volume turned up

  11. Everybody should start learning filmmaking on a 8mm camera with zero options. That’s the only way to learn how to tell something compelling and making the editing drive the narrative. “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” ~ Orson Welles. The more limited you are, the more creative you need to be to find interesting solutions.

  12. For REAL filmmakers, just buy a cheap super 8 and enjoy with a kodak 200t.

    You just destroyed the way this cameras really work.
    U will never ”fake” a super 8 film , same on the VHS , mini Dv or 16mm…

  13. I would like to make a clip with this aspect ratio, could someone please tell me what is the aspect ratio of this clip?

  14. Peter while shooting: *takes a 6000$ cam with a <1000$ lens to shoot good quality*
    Peter in Postproduction : let's get this as bad as possible 😂

  15. weird…. didnt know “super 8” style is cool…I got beat up by the groom and bride for filming their wedding “super 8” style. By accident

  16. Really need to learn the ninja walk properly.. Tired to hire a Ninja to do it for me. He even charge me more for not killing anybody…

  17. Just,NO!Do it real!You americans have a lot of shops who develops you the films. You can see the difference between fake and real clearly.

  18. Honestly I feel like bumping the iso in shot instead of adding noise in post would be better because it’ll pick up artifacts which helps with the 8mm look, but that’s just my opinion here lol

  19. I liked the video before your intro even finished. Nice touch of keeping the audio changes carry into your personal intro segment. Also, I clicked because I saw you holding a camera in the thumbnail that looked like my dad’s old camera. Was that photoshopped in? Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hey!
    I love your video and even if my english is really bad, I wanted to know what was your app on the computer you use to edit the video, to make it with this vintage style??? Thank you so much!! 🙂

  21. Or, you know… actually use a Super 8 camera. They are really easy to use and produce WAY better results then faking the Super 8 look, because you will NEVER get it right without Super 8. Also, and I know because I actually love Super 8, you actually CAN make Super 8 seem more cinematic.
    Oh, and by the way, the camera you have in the thumbnail actually is a standard 8mm camera, NOT a Super 8 camera. So there’s that. You would think you should actually include a real example of the camera that actually uses the format you are talking about replicating. But what do I know.
    And you footage not only does your footage really look nothing like Super 8, but calling it “more garbagey” clearly shows you have no idea about the appeal for Super 8 but that you are clearly just uploading the video to exploit people’s wish to get that Super 8 feel who are too lazy to actually go out and learn the art of shooting on film.

  22. Sorry dude but I actually own like 6 super 8mm cameras (including a Beaulieu 6008 and Nizo) and shoot with them all the time, and even though it was a good effort, still does not even come close… Best way to look like super 8 is actually shoot super 8mm. Don’t need no fancy camera, just get a cheap one at the flea market or on ebay (like a bolex) and buy the film and processing at

  23. Hi, im just stating at photografy, check my ig hope you like anything :3
    ig: franco.fpardo

  24. Can someone explain me how to increase the length of the 8mm footage ? It’ of 0:34 . Want to make it longer. thanks.

  25. Would love a video on how to buy camera gear as a begginer or a student. If you see this lets try to get Peter’s attention about this

  26. How much work would a take in order to make a super 8 mm video. And transfer that to a digital format is it safe to assume that it would be much more work than this?

  27. Can we get some Fs for the door 😂 Jokes aside this is a sweet way to make modern footage feel old. 4:3 definitely makes it look like pre-2000s

  28. I don’t even do film, yet I’m still watching. Peter’s videos are just great to watch, even if you have no use for what he’s teaching you.

  29. Love how you started by actually filming different! Worked so well 😃
    Hope you were able to fix the door man 👍

  30. I was going to delete some of my footage that I didn’t like or added into my projects that were terrible and bad but decided to turn it into a super 8 film! so thanks lol

  31. Pretty cool and realistic effect! No intend to spam at all, but if any After Effects editor is interested, my channel is mainly focus to achieving old looks (Super 8, Grindhouse, VHS…)

  32. been following you for a long time now managed to get work learning from you, but for me watching your videos the main thing I get is your positivity. total respect for you man. peace

  33. There is an app for your iPhone by Nexvio called 8mm Vintage Camera that my kids love because it makes them look like they’re from “old days”. It mostly just makes me feel old, but does work very well and I’ve used it for presentations when I need to show old versus new.

  34. C’mon McNeistat … Casey would work the repair (I see long deck screws and possibly hot glue) right into his video.

  35. Zero DoF??? Maximum DoF! Why did most youtubers start equating depth of field to bokeh?? This doesn’t detract from the depth ( 😉 ) of this tutorial though, Pete!

  36. Great work through. I saw @IFHT use it a lot in their last few posts and was wondering if they just had just found an old VHS recorder their garage!

  37. Wow I think you’re absolutely amazing. And you’re such an inspiration.
    So much so that you’ve inspired me to start my own YouTube channel, to document my growth thanks to you!!!!

  38. Hi Peter, I’m trying to setup a similar studio in my office and I would like you to help me with the equipment, I want the whole complete set. Let’s communicate via email ntsikelelo@@t Looking forward hearing from you.

  39. Off topic, just watched an epiosode of “Lost & Sold” i belive Season 1 Episode 6, where they feature Bobby Motta, but low and behold he used Peter McKinnon as a sidekick?!? I had to stop and go back because Peter had actually a razor cut hair, but thats him and Bobby even called him Peter, so i guess you had your TV 20sec of fame a few years back Peter?!

  40. hello pete, I know you’ve already heard the canon eos 3000d.
    is that good for me to start my photography journey? ☺ if it’s okay comment here.

  41. Peter, I am knew to your channel. Started watching your videos for ideas and help with my husband’s site(s). WOW. I’m hooked. Your content is great. Thank you for the information and for not using foul language. Your videos are captivating and easy on the eyes.

  42. Would rendering at 18 frames have the same effect as using posterize time? Just wondering because that effects kills my render time

  43. Pete, I’m literally the most grateful person in the world for this right now. Trying to salvage some absolutely awful footage for an editing project and this actually made it look acceptable.

  44. Hey @peter mckinnon
    If u ever see this comment
    Can u plz do a tutorial on Maxrivephotography
    Pls check @Maxrivephotography in instagram
    Pls man this is my one request
    And PS IAM UR BEST admirer

  45. Yes, it is fun trying to be silly and “imperfect” on purpose. It also reminds you of how far you have come as a cinematographer when you realise how many things you have to “unlearn” to go back to this look. It was a fun video to watch.

  46. your videos are that satisfying, that I feel almost guilty for watching them. It’s like my own little love affair. Thanks for the content

  47. could you please make a video about why colors on the phone look different from a computer and then talk about ways how to solve this problem. I know this has to do with color calibration but I main concern is that when I post something on Instagram I want people to see the same colors I see on my device.

  48. In the beginning I was thought why I need to learn this effect and why I am watching it. But the Bucket Shot….

  49. Hey Petter! At 3M subscribers id love to see what youd look like with shorter hair! And btw I love your coffee from you website! It looks and tastes soooooo good!

  50. Main reason I clicked on this video was to see him with his long beautiful hair down, could not resist the thumbnail!

  51. A little off topic. But have you considered trying the Anafi Parrot drone? It’s supposed to be dji’s killer with the 180° gimbal, so no more blades in your video shots!

  52. hi bro i just wanted to thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me
    i really love the way you film.and now i have start my own channel on youtube .thanks

  53. So basically… Ignore everything you’ve learned as a film maker… Or just give your camera to a complete beginner…

  54. Maybe a weird question right here but next summer I’m going to Canada😍🇨🇦 to be precise: British Columbia! For me, you are an amazing Canadian who has seen a lot of his country, isn’t that right? So my question is: do you have tips for me, favorite places in the country (not necessarily in British Columbia) where I have to go when I get there?
    I really like your videos, photos and style Peter! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦Laurens

  55. LMAO!!! Now that I finally have some equipment (4K camera / DJI Drone), to shoot amazing footage, it’s now popular to force the camera to look like the old 8MM!?!? Always a day late and a subscriber short… It’s funny howYouTube was all about people filming their own lives and sharing… Was nice to be brought back into that home movie feeling instead of everybody trying to be their own production company and come out with the next blockbuster….Great tutorial Peter. P.S. Love the zombie walk because that’s how I walk because of my disability so a gimbal is almost a must! You made me laugh!

  56. Thanks Peter for the vid and all the others. You have always inspired my work on my youtube channel. 👍

  57. Awesome video ! Thank you so much ! Do you have a video on recreating super 16 film look and if not you should !!

  58. Cool effect, well explained!
    If you don’t mind me nickpicking as someone who collects home made 8mm films:
    The dark edges are more video-esque, you need more of a slight roundness with some vignetting to the edges for 8mm film.
    Also no colour noise! That’s a digital thing :).
    But hey, changing these things really is easy enough to not bother explaining them anyway, so this is close enough!

  59. Damn Peter , this look is awesome, its so different and brings back old memories of our Christmas 8 mm films my mother took of our family on Christmas morning. 1962 just Awesome. Thanks for the tip.

  60. Is it possible to change frame rates of a single clip in FCP X? Like Peter said, if I wanted to make a flashback scene, and only change those few clips to 18 frames and have the rest of the project be in 24 frames. Like he did at 9:06

  61. Awesome video !

    Can anyone please help me !
    After editing in lightroom and exporting to Instagram specs my photo still seem darker ( colors ) than what I see in LR.
    Does anybody know why? And can please help me.. this is making me feel like my photos arent at full potential

  62. Dude!!! You should’ve renamed this to “MASTERCLASS” ~ This explanation was superb and step-by-step. LOVE THIS CHANNEL!

  63. Dude your passion for what you do is amazing keep doing what your doing glad I just subbed 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  64. I wouldnt be surprised if you where like a professional handy man on the side at this rate with all the things you break trying to do intros. Good luck with the door.

  65. hi peter im wondering how long does it usually take u to export a video form premier pro? cuz my video takes like 20 hours to export and i feel its not even that complicated! i think its the lut or color adjustment, but it really gives me so much pain! wondering if u have a solution for this problem? thank you so much it would b so kind of u to reply or make a video on this topic!!! love all your works!!!


    I make tutorials as well and you don’t need me to tell you how inspiring Peters videos are his videos really made a huge impact on my career so here’s hoping I can be the best film / photography tutorial channel in Scotland! 😀

  67. Would love to know the song at the beginning! It’s so good, could not for the life of me find it in Epidemic…..if anyone can help ✊, or Pete??

    STONED MAN NEEDS SONG 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🎸🎸🎸🎸

  68. This was an amazing video Peter, I can’t wait to try it out. I was wondering if you ever made a DIY Gimble? If not that would make a good video. Have a great one.

  69. maybe sometime in version II of this – slipped film, jitter flashing, trailing film exiting to straight light… intermittent alignments… lol you’re a magician ! 🙂 maybe the odd cellophane splice on transitions…

  70. Another thing we could do is boost ISO for less dynamic range (like 8mm film had) & use some ND to soften the image a bit more! Starting to like this quite a bit, thanks for the tips!

  71. Tip: You can actually get the 4:3 aspect ratio straight from the camera (just change it on the camera settings) instead of cheating it on post production, it can improve the end result and speed up the workflow.

  72. I’m going to Miami next week to shoot and I’m going to try this look. Hope you can check it out on my page when I do. Thanks Pete!

  73. it needed to be way to grainy, more colour distortion, saturation, and many more. but as always, thanks for sharing, people learned some stuff.

  74. All for it! and fun for sure. we were gonna do that, but someone actually gave us a super8 camera, so we bought some film and went out, and shot a steampunk festival in Willits, CA like we were drunk , lol. handheld, no monopod or other stabilization at all. but yeah no walking dead walk, lol and zooming like we thought we were Jess Franco (well we always think that) but anyway though. Our music composer is up there somewhere Kelowna-ish. AND hey just conversating, love the video, feel free to delete this if it detracts from yours.

  75. Doing something “bad” well actually can take more skill than just doing that task “well”. You do this super BAD man. Nice job.

  76. So a question, ‘What cinematic shots actually are? How do you define what is ^cinematic^”

    Personally, I have some idea but how you would explain it…

  77. It’s almost like life was more fun, and there was less pressure to impress others back then…

    … and there was less sarcasm.

  78. Chuck in some lens flares and some little speed ramps, super 8s do cool stuff when they’re getting uptown speed and slowing down.

  79. The one small suggestion I’d make is that if your entire video is supposed to look like super 8 and it’s not mixed in with regular 1080 footage, I would suggest making the timeline itself 4:3 instead of just adding a crop. That way it’ll play back faithfully on platforms like YouTube and on old TV’s with no black bars on the sides.

  80. Loved the NO ninja walk…:):) This video was nicely done. What I loved about it that it was very well explained to the great detail… I don’t think anything was forgotten. Nicely done as always.

  81. Learning what you would “never” do is a good exercise to learn why you do do what you do.

    Ha, do do.

  82. hey this is how we edited our wedding video! love this style, wish we saw this before so we could have thrown in some of your tips!

  83. Throughout this video I was thinking “wow he’s so professional that he can’t film a normal shaky youtube video” XD

  84. Almost fell off my seat from laughing so hard at the one wheel clips at the end 😂😂😂 the video itself was amazing too ! LOVE your content. Keep it up 😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  85. 12:10 this is why we should all wait till the end. You don’t want to miss the gag reel especially when things get broken by mistake. 😉

  86. Loved the video. Even got me motivated to finish a little video that I was thinking doing to my wife. This 8mm film look will make the video even more sentimental.

  87. Thanks Pete! Never know when this may come in handy for a future project. Quote of the day; “Don’t go full walking dead” 3:10

  88. Confirms the trend! Going to film in super 8! Gearing up, reactivating my channel with content that hopefully will be more engaging and appreciated by a wider audience. Thanks for a great one!

  89. There are people here who might have no idea about nostalgia in those type of videos because their ever first video was 720p-something 😀

  90. I swear its a requirement to use folk music to go with super 8 😂

    as someone who uses real super 8, I’d say that intro looks pretty convincing!! Nothing beats the real thing though, there’s some magic in getting your film back after half forgetting what’s on the reel.

  91. Love this! Thanks Peter! I added this to a recent wedding video but this is going to make it even better! I like the grain tip!

  92. And here I’m just trying to convince myself to actually buy Super 8 film…or better yet, the real OG, straight up 8mm, for my new Kodak from 1962.

  93. Hey, Peter,. Great idea. Here is another one: 1910 of 1920 Style, may be in a Bioshock Ort Fall-Out mood. What do you think? How would you do it?

  94. If you are shooting a home video in low light on a small sensor camera, you can throw this type of look on it to hide the imperfections. Then the grain looks intentional.

  95. If you have trouble finding the download page, Google “1 CLIP FOLLOWS THE LEADER” to find the post in his blog!

    1. @Peter McKinnon I understand, even I am experimenting with cameras i have. I broke a few of them. And there is nothing wrong with it. It is just a nice paradox od better said oxymoron. 🙂 Deffinetly there is nothing wrong.

    2. Cause it’s fun. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with scores of looks and styles to have fun with the tools we have.

  96. Casually taps the rim without trying???? Has this guy said he doesn’t play sport? Run a play & give the man the ball!

  97. Oh, geez. I love this. BUT now that’s all we’ll see on Youtube for a couple months. THANKS, PETE. lol. Love you, bro!

  98. So basicly shoot bad 😀 or give your camera to someone who never used a camera and ask him to do what you do and yo’ll end up with the footage you need 😀 I LOVE IT !

  99. That was pretty sweet, Pete. Btw, the bell notification never works. I’ve got it set on about half a dozen channels and it NEVER notifies me. But I always see your videos in my feed, so I never miss one anyway so it’s alllll gooood.

  100. love the intro! I tried these techniques on my channels latest video. Feedback anyone could give me would be great. Thanks!

  101. “In the next video I will show you the complete opposite. How to make High Res Footage from old VHS tapes because I am a wizard!”

  102. This video definitely inspired me ! I’ll use your tips to film and edit my next lookbook ! Thank you, Man, you’re the best ! 👌

  103. Thanks for the tips man!! Seriously!! Because of you I’m getting much better at editing all of my vlogs!! -Back2Life

  104. There’s some great iOS apps that shoot in Super8 style really well, and because of the iPhone’s small sensor and light weight and fixed lens it really captures the shooting style. And it does it all in camera, so no post production faffing about. The documentary film “Searching for Sugar Man” (on Amazon) used one of those apps to recreate a Super8 look they needed for some shots, and that was shown in cinemas.

  105. Love this man, I think so many of us forgot how simple video used to be, and how happy we were with it…
    felt really good to watch, might just do something myself

  106. so gather all the shitty leftover footage and make it into a vintage film? sounds like something i can do!!! 😀

  107. Can you make the same style of video but for photography. Would be great to get some vintage shooting and editing tips!

  108. Loved this tutorial Peter! I found my old 12 megapixel kodak camera cleaning out my closet for a vlog and thought this EXACT QUESTION after looking through my old pics/videos. Very nostalgic😭

  109. dude how cool was it? that was like sub zero cool (character from Running man movie). In fact it was sub zero cool (from Mortal Kombat). In fact, it actually probably most likely was SUB ZERO cool cos you filmed it (in the snow). Thanks for the vid

  110. Your honestly, empathy work ethic and talent are why you’re a REAL winner in this world. Keep being you, Peter! Love from New Mexico, USA

  111. TIL I would be a great super-8 film camera man. Lol my footage sometimes looks just like that but I don’t go for the super-8 look.

  112. Parents be like: “This is why we don’t ride one wheels in the house… ” *nostalgic footage of parents in roller-skates in the house*

  113. Good morning from Germany. The first one today, as always, was to watch your video. As always great! But when you destroyed the door it was your naughty grin at the situation that really made my day. 😂😂😂 So great – so funny. I’m a big fan of you and your videos. Thank you very much for doing that! Keep it up!

  114. That flag shot looked really authentic. Also you can stick black tapes on the sides of your LCD to make it easier to understand the framing.

  115. Great, just bought a new 4K camera and now were downgrading all the settings and make shaky footage because its retro 🤣 fml

  116. WHAT ARE THE ODDS! 10hours before this was uploaded I posted my video on Converting an entire Super8 Camera to Digital. You nicking my ideas McKinnon? 🤣

  117. I feel inspired to shoot footage of my girlfriend at the spot we first kissed, thank you for bringing back that nostalgic feel!

  118. So you took out the fridge and the door 🚪 😂 what a way to end the video… part of the ninja walk i guess

  119. The Internet I am having to use tonight is pretty bad. I had to let this video load for two hours because I feel if you watch a Peter McKinnon video on anything lower than 1080p it’s disrespectful. I have to say this into is probably by far my favorite one yet!

  120. I’ve seen a lot of similar tutorials, but I find some of these shots actually pretty close convincing
    Might be the in camera settings
    Nice one Pete!

  121. Yesssss I’ve been looking for a tutorial for this effect and you made it so simple and easy to understand! Thank you!!!

  122. Just the one video I was looking for . I was searching for these super 8 cameras and all I could find was from ebay at 12000 INR.
    Thanks peter. Much help.

  123. Thank you so so much for your great video and inspiriation on for new youtubers like me! Love your content and ive sub to yours. Hope you sub to mine too 🙏