Best Point and Shoot Camera in 2020 | Top 5 Compact Cameras

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→Canon G7X Mark ii
US Prices –
UK Prices –
CA Prices –

→Sony RX100VII
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CA Prices –

→Fujifilm X100F
US Prices –
UK Prices –
CA Prices –

→Canon G9X Mark ii
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UK Prices –
CA Prices –

→Ricoh GR III
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CA Prices –

►Camera Gear I use for YouTube:
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123 thoughts on “Best Point and Shoot Camera in 2020 | Top 5 Compact Cameras

  1. thank you so much for this video, super helpful, i feel i can learn a lot from this video, i’m a beginner myself and i feel i can keep going back and watch this video to really nerd all of the details that you put forth.
    you really give a full image of all of the information that i need, the price, the different qualities, the give examples of images and videos from the different cameras, and the thing i love the most is you recommend who the camera is for.
    soooo many times have i wished for a more specific recommendation,
    because maybe one camera is good for person X but bad for person Y, so i really appreciate that.
    you did forget to give image examples of the first camera, and the price for the Fuji, the fuji thing is not really that big of a deal, but i would have loved to see examples from the Canon G7X Mark III.
    but i really appreciate this video so much, super super helpful, and what i love about videos like these, is that i can get a lot of information down in the comment section below, kind of like reddit (:

    1. Ricoh GRIII? That’s a shocker! That is my fifth dislike click in about 10 years of this profile’s existence. That’s how mad you made me.

  2. Thank you for making this! I recently got into photography, but have been very focused on more serious stuff with interchangeable lenses and hadn’t been following point & shoot at all. I need to pick up a “simple” camera for a relative, and hearing what each of these is really made for made my decision so much easier. I’m still not 100% sold on one single model, and am going to do some more research, but this really has helped a great deal.

  3. Hi I’m looking for a street photography/point n shoot that has a “second curtain” setting or “slow sync flash” the camera I use presently has no capability to store the setting and is a pain to setup each time I fire it up. Do any of the cameras reviewed have such a setting? I know it’s a long shot but I had a Kodak V70 that could do it in 2005! Anyways great reviews! 👍 thx – William

  4. Title says 2020 but in the video you say 2019. Also since you never show yourself with these cameras I get the impression you’ve never used them and just want people to click on your affiliate shopping links.

  5. Good review (and I’ve been watching soooo many). I want the zoom on the Sony (and mic input) but I love that Fuji too. Hmnmnmn…

    1. @Tech Through The Lens Why the G7X over the Sony one? I’m not sure which I want to buy. I won’t use it for vlogging, just pictures.

  6. kindly tell me which is the overall best compact camera with image stability for photo shoot and for making short film🎥🎬👀 for you tube or for film festival

  7. Good video. I don’t get why anyone would pay $1000 for a point and shoot camera when they can get a full-frame mirrorless camera for less money. But I guess tastes vary.

  8. Dude it’s 2020 only a few people buy cameras, otherwise go get a decent phone no point wasting cash on this stuff!

    1. I like cameras, I like the fact that you can set things manually. I like bright apertures (phones suck with night time videos)
      It’s 2020, but a good phone can’t replace a camera, of course there are some exceptions, like a cheap compact camera

    1. Right? I remember buying a sony cyber shot in 2012 with unreal zoom, image stabilization and phenomenal video quality… I paid $300 for it. Cameras have skyrocketed in price since then and I’ve tested some.. I still prefer my 300 dollar cybershot over the 6 700 dollar cameras.

  9. hi men…….i’ have buy the nikon b500 or b600 has manual mode to increase you the second at night exhibits? Tanks 😁

  10. Best compact camera? Most people has it known as smartphone ie huawei,P20 pro, iPhone 11 Pro… Do yourself a favor and save your money with all this compact camera that will be outdated in a year time.

  11. thanks for that vid. i have a question: can you suggest a point and shoot camera wich can do video recording while being charged?

  12. I am looking at Canon G9x II or the Sony Rx100 iii, any opinions? I need this for photos while traveling. I can get the Canon for less money than the Sony.

  13. Sorry but you didn’t mention the Lumix LX10? It is hands down one of the best point and shoots and should be definitely at the top of this list. Since it’s not, have a dislike.

  14. Aloha, Thank you for your video, great information really helpful. I was wondering which camera is the best for inside object photography? I’m looking for a camera who works great with daylight but also with house light. Preferbly between $200/600. Thank you! =)

    1. @Marlon Rozemond There are so many nice cameras available now, I’m sure you’ll enjoy you new purchase! I felt compelled to reply to you though because I recently happened upon a good deal for an RXlll, and really like it. So pocketable yet powerful. Happy shooting!

    2. @So-Ko Moto Thank you so much for the reply and recommendation, that’s really nice of you. I just ordered the Sony Alpha a6000 a couple of days ago. I hope its just as good! =D Thanks again!

    3. Try the Sony Rx100 mark 3 or 4. They are older versions of the Rx100 reviewed here, but still made and sold as new (cheaper to buy used though). They do not do video quite as well, but on the other hand, have even faster lenses – f 1.8 vs f 2.8 – but with a shorter zoom range (24-70 vs 24-200). Many people actually prefer the older, faster lens – for low light but also for its ability to blur background.

  15. Hmm, I don’t know, I can’t see the point of buying any of these when they cost as much as a decent DSLR or mirrorless.

    1. I tend to agree and am lucky enough to own Sony R7 mk2 with GMaster lenses BUT if I’m in London where I work a lot, that camera is way to big to add to the other stuff I haul around. I love to shoot pictures as I walk around, buildings, people etc and one of these cameras, shooting on jpeg and RAW for Instagram etc would be fantastic but is it worth the money? I’d love to hire one for a weekend to put it to a proper test but I doubt that’s possible.

  16. I watched this video if it fits the camera I’m looking for. It’s will be a gift for a granddad who had just his first grandson. I just don’t like external moving parts like pop up flash and flipping back screens. I like a neat top plate without protruding viewfinder head that’s a fixture of cameras. It’s a camera for granddads and grandkids if ever they can get it from their grandpas.

    1. I recommend the Sony because it’s best at mirrorless and has a 24 to 200mm. This is for a person who loves DSLR or Sony mirrorless but wants a compact design

  17. my panasonic lumix dmc-sz10 digitalcamera had a problem with bad blur focus alot…
    so i destroyed it for good

  18. Olympus TG5. Great camera , weather sealed, great for travel . Liked the bulldog very much . Great educational video. A camera for travel must be weather sealed, very important .

    1. @Richard Gardner weather sealed is very important for me because of the very cold weather here in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I also travel to the tropics and there is nothing worse than to be caught in a tropical downpour. Mountain travel is also hard on camera’s, I also have a pentax k70. Great for travel but the Olympus tg5 is a very competitive all round camera .

  19. Why not tell us what, Usable Results” means. Usable for a SmartPhone or Usable for an 8×10/A4 print? or??? Nice and VAGUE.
    Keep on Really, Really selling these Fantastic cameras with such unique looks. They all LOOK like A Camera… WOW!

  20. You know what you’re talking about when you use Blade Runner posters as the background for your video.

    1. Aayan I have the rx100 iv. Awesome little camera, compact, viewfinder, takes RAW and jpeg.
      Screen angles down for shooting over crowds, horizontal or reverse for selfies.

  21. Hi there! Do you recommend the Sony for a beginner? It’s just a hobby of mine but I’d like to have a really good “compact” camera for family photos on the go. Something that’ll give me good color, lighting, selfies, sharp, good quality image? Something I can connect to my phone would be a plus.

  22. Thank you so much. Really find your videos informative. I would like to start a travel vlog and will be taking mainly landscape shots when not vlogging. Which camera do you recommend?

  23. Years back I ditched my DSLR gears for a point and shoot camera whose photos were as good. Awhile back that point and shoot is now along side of my DSLR gears. It got replaced with my new mobile phone having really amazing imaging capabilities.

  24. What camera would be best for using at a stadium concert? I’ve been looking at the Canon powershot SX740HS. Thanks.

    1. I wouldn’t waste my money on the Canon PowerShots, unless you’re a teenage novice photographer or a female. But then, a female would probably buy an IXUS / ELPH, if she wanted to pop a camera in her handbag.

      In the cameras mentioned for your reason – depending of how far u are at concerts. I’d either go for the Sony or the Canon G7x. The Canon – I believe, has the best audio. Also, get a microphone for it, to put in the mic output. Because there is very much background noise. Ask a camera dealer which camera of the 2, produces the loudest and clearest sound.

  25. I need a NON DSLR easy to carry camera to click STILLS of MOVING kids and pets in LOW light.
    Wide angle = preferred
    Note 10 mobile fails at the job

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