Best Digital Cameras Under Rs 10000

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Hi everybody! Welcome to and today we bring you the best digital cameras under Rs. 10000.
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Camera is your best companion when you go for trips. They can be used for day-to-day events or to capture the best moments of your everyday life. Generally, Devices with lower pricing have trimmed technical details. This list has been made keeping in mind that Most users prefer high optical zoom over digital zoom as this provides better picture quality and less distortion. All the cameras will mostly be point and shoot, sleek and slim ones. So here’s the list of best digital cameras under Rs. 10000 for you!

1. Canon IXUS 190 : ,
2. Nikon Coolpix A300 : ,!NNNN
Nikon Coolpix W100 :
3. Nikon Coolpix S2900 :

This is how we rank under 15K
1. Canon PowerShot SX620 HS :,
2. Canon IXUS 285 HS :!NNNN,
3. Nikon Coolpix S6600 :

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265 thoughts on “Best Digital Cameras Under Rs 10000

  1. These are the best from Top to bottom!
    1. Canon IXUS 190 : ,
    2. Nikon Coolpix A300 : ,!NNNN
    Nikon Coolpix W100 :
    3. Nikon Coolpix S2900 :

    This is how we rank under 15K
    1. Canon PowerShot SX620 HS :,
    2. Canon IXUS 285 HS :!NNNN,
    3. Nikon Coolpix S6600 :

  2. Would you pls compare photos from a 10K rs POINT AND SHOOT camera with a 15K rs Budget smartphone ? If the point and Shoot defeats smartphone, then only we can justify a point and shoot. Otherwise not.
    For example, Nikon S7000 compared with POCO X2, launched just now. Compare in still photos and videos both.

    1. You can find the the links in the description below the video! Also, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer!

  3. Nice video, but none is meant for me. I am a youtuber looking for flip screen camera in budget with external mic support

  4. I own a sony W830 i was wondering if this is good enough to use when i watch a concert…I just dunno how to work with the settings to take best quality shots..

    1. No,you didn’t understand my question that Canon camera does not have a flipping camera so how I will use traipod

    2. And your very good you tuber because you reply the questions asked in the comment box
      Thanks for answering my questions.

  5. I wish SOMEONE would include maximum video length information. DSLR cameras shut off after 20 minutes of recording video to prevent overheating, but nobody talks about whether or not the point-and-shoot cameras shut off.

    1. Yes it does!
      4:3 – (L) 5152 x 3864, (M1) 3648 x 2736, (M2) 2048 x 1536, (S) 640 x 480 
      16:9/ W – (L) 5152 x 2896 
      Resize option available in playback

    1. Well smartphone cameras are good enough nowadays especially in daylight. But if you want for starters then go with any of these that suits your usage
      Sony DSC-W800 20.1 MP Point and Shoot Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) + Memory Card + Camera Case : ,!HMxKNNNN
      Logitech C922x Pro Stream 1080p Webcam for HD Video Streaming Recording At 60Fps, Background Replacement Technology for YouTube or Twitch Streaming Webcam  (NA) : ,

    1. @Debashis Jena true, rn I cant even use it as a webcam and its stabilizer breaks regularly and have to spend 1000 of rupees on that

  6. I have some questions regarding this:
    1. How many shots it will take on single full charge?
    2. Can it be charge by power bank?.
    3. Is there any way to take selfie with camera?

  7. 46000 26000 rs camera ko 10000 me kaisa dala tuune….I need Olympus camera could u order for 9999 I ‘ll pay u 12000 if needed…

  8. I’m looking for a Shoot Cam less than 15,000/- INR. Plzz Suggest..!!
    1. Picture perfect(even in direct sunlight / dull light / night) and Red Eye reduction.
    2. High Resolution video recording.

  9. Suggest me best Camera under 18k for general purpose like Travelling or home functions.
    My wants are :
    -Full HD image
    -FHD videos
    -Good video recording and fast focus when zoomed
    -DSLR like images
    -Wifi (so that I can connect it to my smart tv)

    1. sir I also want a zooming feature which s7000 lacks it have only 20 optical…so sir please suggest a camera which have manual controls and zooming feature too…I usulaay click photos o love to click pics, sir I can increase the budget to 1 to 2 thousand please tell…

  10. Hello .. I would say a very informative tutorial. Thanks for this. I am looking for buying any budget point and shoot camera for my personnel use like travelling , good moments with friends and family & perform better in low light. I am planning to expense around 15k(even little more also). Can you please suggest me something , that would be great help. Thanks.

    1. Hey ! Thanks for your swift response. Much appreciated.
      Meanwhile I was looking & found 2 good reviewed ones of Sony. Can you please suggest something.
      Camera details :-

      Sony Cybershot DSC-WX350

    1. Bhai ye sahi camera hai. Iss video mein ya description mein mentioned jitne b cameras hai unse acha aur mehnga hai yeh! Baaki jab aap isey kharidoge toh har site pe price check kare lena kyunki new sites like croma and tata cliq pe aksar cameras saste hote hai amazon aur flipkart se.
      Canon SX600 HS Point & Shoot Camera :,

  11. hello sir. I have mobile with 13 mp camera and I’m going to start new channel onn YouTube and I am not satisfy with my mobile camera because I want to provide good content with good quality. and my budget is 9k then please suggest me a camera with good video recording facility and also have mic input jack for audio recording. thanks in advance and I hope you will reply.

    1. At your Budget this is the best SONY CYBER-SHOT DSC-W830 :
      For audio either use your Phone’s microphone or the Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone :
      Use Audacity for editing audio!

      Because none of the Point and Shoot cameras have a good mic input jack for audio recording.

    1. It has a very good optical Zoom and can take Great Static Pictures but the low light performance and menu options are just OK. Also the HD video recording is decent. The camera is decent but nothing exceptional!

  12. lol i was like “WHAT 10 000 RS!!!” then i was like ” oh 10 000 rs is 100 dollars in canada” i used to live in pakistan like 7 years ago LOOOOOOOL

  13. canon ixus 275 hs and the canon elph 375 hs is same???
    Which one is best for shooting HD Video(for youtube makeup tutorial vids)…low light shoot…image stabilization….???

  14. thanks for the video. which one is best camera for capturing photos and video shooting and more zoom in a cheap price??

    1. Choose any of these two according to your needs Nikon Coolpix S7000  : Nikon Coolpix S7000  and Canon PowerShot SX400 IS :!NNNN

      Digital Cameras are subject to frequent price Fluctuations. So Check their prices on each and every website especially thenew ones like Croma, tatacliq etc.

    1. Bro Best rear camera is with LENOVO Phab 2 Plus and Moto G4 Plus. Best Selfie camera is with Gionee S6s and Infocus epic 1!

    1. You have to use any of the video editing software like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Pro etc. Import both of them separately into the software and then you can sync them as per your likeness!

    1. Though people have tried and you can find tutorials on youtube but This seems very unlikely! The only reason a computer can use a USB microphone is because you install software that knows how to use it. The camera’s USB port is for file transfers and If you don’t see something in the camera’s menu system (or owner’s manual!) that specifically addresses this, then it’s not going to work.
      But If you own a high-end smartphone then You can plug-in pretty much any microphone and have very decent audio quality. Some Android phones even support usb mics. Second option is to use an entirely independent recording system and sync things up later.
      Hope this helps!
      Thanx for asking and Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!

  15. Plz do explain various technical features of digital camera like ISO, OIS ETC.. AND comparison b/w digital camera and DSLR

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