Best Digital Cameras – For Beginners, Experts & Hobbyists

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► Links to the best digital cameras we listed in this video:

► 5. Sony Alpha A6000 –
► 4. Sony RX100 III –
► 3. Nikon D850 –
► 2. Sony a7 III –
► 1. Panasonic LUMIX S1 –

► More:

In this video, we reviewed the top 5 best digital cameras that you can buy this year. I made this list after testing tens of digital cameras, and made sure to include options for any budget. I made the list based on my personal opinion, so if you have any other recommendations you are welcome to leave a comment below!

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48 thoughts on “Best Digital Cameras – For Beginners, Experts & Hobbyists

  1. Even if the phones currently take some quality pictures, it doesn’t compare to a digital camera. For those who are passionate, this product is a must.

  2. Love Panasonic LUMIX S1. Works as expected. Expensive but it supports the L mount so uses all my Leica lens. Very good IQ.

  3. Wooooooow excellent top I loved the camera Sony alpha a6000 I have a similar 10BestOnes I love your content, very good top greetings from Venezuela

  4. A digital camera is very important if you want to make videos for youtube because you look more professional. I like Sony Alpha A6000

  5. My friend owns a Nikon D850, got to say it is one of best digital cameras you will come across, takes some beating

  6. A friend of mine has been using Nikon and he is completely happy with it, so I will probably get one for myself. Camera with great features

  7. i am always love to watch your video because you provide very quality information,no crap nothing nonsense.Is sony alpha A6000 a good choice?

  8. A friend is using sony
    alpha A6000,quite satisfied
    .But my favorite camera
    : sony a7…the cameras you’ve listed are worth checking

  9. Nothing beats Sony’s AutoFocus capability. you have made a very accurate list. thanks for sharing.

  10. Keyword: Digital
    I really series Sony A6x00, but for beginners, I suggest Sony A6300. Cuz it has many upgrades and it’s not so difficult to use in compare to A6000. Its more expensive but you can purchase a pre-owned one at the same price as a new A6000.

  11. Keyword digital. These videos let me know if I hit the lottery I would own a lot of cameras 📷 📸 I’ve always gone with cannon, but Sony seems to be over taking them.

  12. Digital
    Another great, imformative video, the panasonic LUMIX S1 or Sony RX100 III looks really good, im a beginner video maker

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