Best Cameras 2020 – Top 5 Best Compact Cameras

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If you want the Quality of a DSLR camera in smallest form possible,
then a high end big sensor compact cameras like the ones in this list might be the solution.
The 1.0″ sensor and bigger up to a APS-C in a compact body offer very good image quality and is simple to use.
We count down the top 5 best big sensor cameras currently available on the market right now.


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82 thoughts on “Best Cameras 2020 – Top 5 Best Compact Cameras

  1. Fujifilm x100v is a poor mans Leica. It’s got that old school design. More about the process of photography.

  2. Well, I have a RX 100 XI, bought it because of the 4K video option. But to say it frankly, I was much more happy with my old DSC WX 350 (1080 dpi video). Besides of normal vids I use the cams for climbing / mountain hiking videos. The advantages of the old cam are clear, her smaller size and and by far lighter weight. I’ve trusted a test I’ve read where the RX was described with 260 gramm, NO WAY, it has around 500 gr. Also the RX has no steady shot for 4k videos which is quite a disadvantage by making hiking videos. I don’t use the view finder, doesn’t need him, so the only advantage is the 1 inch sensor. But I will keep on using the RX now. On the plus side there are the brilliant colours and quality in standing mode. The producers are driven by the media, testers demanding view finder etc. but that makes the cam heavier and bigger, personally I don’t need that in a compact cam, I need a high quality cam which is light and small.

  3. See the quality of digital cameras at the top products. If you give more money, my opinion is that it is worth it.

    1. its not sponsored, its my research based on experience and jack of all trades philosophy – specs-price ratio (photo & video usability).

  4. I like the looks and focal point of fuji x100s but it is not compact enough. Therefore, ricoh gr iii is #1 for me!!!

    1. Trust the reviews without links. They’re not fishing for affiliate sales so they’re much less likely to be biased.

    1. @Aluchi Del Pasado well if you dont care about 4k video, then it has very good price for the quality. otherwise wait a little, because price will soon go down even more.

    2. @Tech Watcher would you prefer the Pen over the OMD-E5 and lines of Olympus?
      I am about to make a decision

  5. I purchased a mint version of the Sony after using a friend’s on loan. Too expensive at full retail, but there are many quality units available second hand.
    Sensational sensor and overall size factor and that 1.8 lens is sharp enough to cut its way through a forest/

  6. The high quality compact is a very useful photographers tool. I have had a Fuji X100S since they were first released to the market and use it loads. Despite having a huge collection of Canon Pro gear some of my best and prizewinning shots have been taken with the Fuji.

  7. Ricoh GRIII is the best camera for the money, but I’m not sure about 28mm focal length. For that reason I have to pay USD.500.00 more for the FujiFilm X100V (Also, weathers sealing)! After the Lockdown…

    1. Me too. I loved all that I heard about the RGR III but with no weather seal, flippy screen and the fact that the lens was only f2.8, I went with the X100v this week.

      I will say, however, I almost bit on the RGR III because of its image stabilization and overall comparability with the X100V and last but not least, its price!

  8. I wish what method of video camera have. Such as jpeg or raw or whatever else is available and what is better and best & why.

  9. What will be the best compact cam under 500$ for beginners ? The only thing I want is crisp n good stills. Video is not a preference

    1. Atish Rana thnkxx. What about the Rx100 MK 3 or 4 ? I’m trying to get some Jugaad on it. Someone working for the company

  10. Waste of money. Use the trusty older camera. You know the gig here camera manufacturers want you to spend more and more money Try improving your photography instrad

    1. I know, its all the same. if you can take a good picture you can..They using specs to fool folks and it works.

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