Analog vs. Digital Cameras

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I meet up with Rik Cordero, a filmmaker with a focus on retro camcorder aesthetics. Rik has directed music videos for artists like Jay-Z, Nas, The Roots, Action Bronson, and Q-Tip. In this segment Rik helps me figure out how close we can get to an analog VHS look, using digital camera equipment.


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260 thoughts on “Analog vs. Digital Cameras

  1. Most people today are so obsessed with being “perfect”

    They are so scared of losing that little value that their life has

    Just like Fight Club says STOP BEING PERFECT

    It will never happen no matter how much you sugar coat it

  2. You can’t compare REAL IMAGES with DIGITAL ONES

    People take digital images by the hundreds or more every day but they never look at them in most cases because they dont feel the image has any value for them because ITS NOT REAL

    Taking digital pictures is just one of many ways to get that dopamine hit that lasts a second

    When you make REAL pictures these pictures will stay with you forever because you value them because they are real and mean something

    Everything is so intangible today and FAKE

    This society of fake technology and fake everything will fall apart sooner then you think and people will return to the technology of the 90s

  3. This video is inaccurate analog was higher quality than digital when digitized a lot of VHS video looks bad because of low quality scanning or the monitor…70mm is still higher quality than 4k

  4. got to be the dumbest video clip …
    Of course your going get a shity ass video coming out of a VHS tap video lol, like really in 2020

  5. Idg why this guy has a camera with a fixed lens just to slide the big lens adapter over it. It’s cumbersome and expensive. Get a dslr or mirrorless dude.

  6. You don’t even spend anytime explaining how the two cameras are different functionally. Just talking about the results and the form factors

  7. How does this video have so less views ?! Looks like everyone’s binge watching MKBHD retro tech. 🤭😂

  8. The video style is totally different from what MKBHD himself would do. You see YouTube’s influence here. It’s more like watching something on TV than actual YouTube.

  9. just googled the panasionic camera: found an article from 2006 — 1260 euros – mhh, not expensiv at all. oh wait – thats just for the 8GB of memory…

  10. SUPER INTERESTING 😀 I just been studying cameras in a training program although i been working with cameras like forever :p ok like a couple years now but still this was super interesting cause i just dig the whole vibe 😀 the nonviewfinder reality, vhs flavor, skateboarding, retrospect, old times enthusiasm, hiphop, yeah 😀 thanks for this video 😀

  11. that’s just sick my first digital camera had no screen and no scenic view you just went with the jive and got what you did do so… what about video

  12. Hey Marques. I dont know why, but your video of Retro tech, like the season except the Gameboy and the Camcorder is blocked in my country, Indonesia. Help, please ?

  13. It’s funny how this is an en vogue style now, but it was the bane of our existence back in the day. If I told myself in high school that we’d have cinema quality cameras readily available, and go out of our way to make them look like vhs I think my head would explode 🤯

  14. I hate to be the one to say this but VHS tapes are still digital, just an early format and medium.
    If you wanted true analog you’d be shooting film, say Super 8 or Super 16.

  15. I thought the thumbnail was photoshopped the way Marques towered over Rik. Like Gandalf & a Hobbit😱

  16. Analog is nice, but you have to look out for a lot of things and it’s expensive. But the fact that some oscar-winning films still use film cameras in 2019 says a lot about the capability of this “not as antique and obsolete as you might think” technology.

  17. Honestly, I don’t think the newer camera looks analog at all. The old JVC on the other hand makes everything into a beastie boys video. 😛

    1. Dude, I can still remember watching some episodes. He’s making me feel old when we’re the same age 😐️

    2. @shouryen ingle he’s a tech geek, a semi-pro athlete, a world famous YouTuber and a millionaire. I think he’ll be ok.

  18. Wait
    If I have YouTube premium does that mean I don’t need YouTube Red subscription?

    I am able to watch these for free wtf

  19. Haha that panasonic camera and adapter where my first ever equipment when I started filmmaking! Feels like ages ago! 😂😂😂

  20. 1:21 marquess nearly trips
    the other guy’s heart: lub ___ ___ ___ lub dub lub dub

    (Thanks Mr Lucca)

  21. Amazing process!!!🧠🧠🧠 Also, on our channel, you can see same cool and interesting processes!!!🎥🎥🎥

  22. 🤯 this shoe is epic. Congrats MKBHD the show looks amazing, looking forward to the rest of the season. Thanks for all the great content.

    1. @Jean de La Fontaine Do me a favour and fuck off with your childish nonsense, you need to read the whole thread before you add your 2 cents, I clearly said the reason the OP might not of seen the original RoboCop was because it was made before he was born, meaning that would have been the most likely scenario for why they hadn’t seen it yet. No where did I say you can only watch films made after your were born. So if you came to that deduction on your own then you Sir are a fucking buffoon.

    2. @countys32 By your comment we should not be using Einstein Mass-energy equivalence Equation because it was released 115 years before we were born. Get buddy? It’s very stupid.

      Just for helping you, i watch a lot of Bruce Lee movies and I was -10 years where he died.

    3. @Jean de La Fontaine So your interpretation of something that is “Stupid” is something that holds mathematical merit, is totally plausible and is the most likely scenario. I think the only thing stupid here is you. Be honest and tell me how many films you watched that were made long before you we born? From what I can make out from your logic is that you probably have never seem a film made and released years before you were born.

  23. How have you not seen RoboCop?
    I’m younger than you and I’ve seen RoboCop.
    Amazing movie, would recommend.

    1. Good news! Marques is releasing an episode every Monday afternoon for free! So us folks who can’t get YouTube Premium cause we don’t live in the half dozen countries that are supported can still watch the whole thing one at a time!

  24. Why is this video so short?

    I am glad that some musicians are recording music videos in 4K.

    I hope the uncompressed 4K videos are put on Tidal or Vimeo.

    1. The original episode is 26 minutes. Since you have not paid money for YouTube red subscription, you woudnt be able to see the entire episode. You just saw the trailer.

    1. Screvo internet says hes 6’3 and that Rik is 5’5 but this looks way more than a 10 inch difference. Either MKB is like 6’6 or Rik is like 5’2 the thing is, Rik doesn’t look around 5’2, but MKB looks so lanky I could see him being around 6’6

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