5 Best Cameras for Photography in 2020

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⭐Sony A6000
→US Price – https://amzn.to/3aRlJ6e
→UK Price – https://amzn.to/2xzP3jd
→CA Price – https://amzn.to/2xzP3jd

⭐Canon EOS RP
→US Price – https://amzn.to/2U14s3B
→UK Price – https://amzn.to/2W7d9vZ
→CA Price – https://amzn.to/2xBKMfj

⭐Nikon D850
→US Price – https://amzn.to/2TMMJhe
→UK Price – https://amzn.to/33flhfp
→CA Price – https://amzn.to/2TUi9kE

⭐Fuji X-T3
→US Price – https://amzn.to/2Q8eaQI
→UK Price – https://amzn.to/3aRrVuK
→CA Price – https://amzn.to/3cTQCIZ

⭐Canon 90D
→US Price – https://amzn.to/2IU83vn
→UK Price – https://amzn.to/38RoJhD
→CA Price – https://amzn.to/38KhlEv

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261 thoughts on “5 Best Cameras for Photography in 2020

  1. I like to shoot old buildings and vehicles in the woods or junkyards, any recommendations Thanks to any help. I’m willing to spend some money

  2. Hey, so I am trying to consider a really good photography camera with at least decent video, budget is around $1,500. Struggling to pick the right one. Any way you can give me an idea?

  3. My all tym favorite camera is sony a6000
    I love the output from a6000 and exlent performance and best value for money camera ,I used this camera since 2016 best choose for midrange photographers
    I Heartfully recommend this😘

  4. Hi, am thinking to buy a camera. Can you please suggest which one should I buy for both photo and videography.

  5. Looking to start my own Vehicle photography business. What camera is good for moving and good shots for vehicles?.

  6. I’m planning to start a photograph course next year so far I have only been using my phone for my portfolio but I need to get a camera what do you recommend

  7. I just bought the a6000 paid 480$ brand new I LOVE IT! (I had a lumix fz80 before huge upgrade in quality but not software)

  8. Hi I have questions about the camera you used to record this video could you please give me more information thank you

  9. New to the camra game chat, but looking for something that shows some good skin details. Any help?
    Also tho I’m starting, price don’t matter( just saying not to limit the idea based on me just starting) I rather something that can get it right the first time, if I’m bad im.bad , but I can work to be better, rather then be limited from the start.

  10. Thank you so much. I hope this helps me someday, but it definitely did with the recommendation of each camera.

  11. I plan to start photography as a hobby and would like to know which of these cameras are worth the buy for a beginner like me. Thanks

    1. @SolvedSword I upgraded to the 80D after my first noob camera, the 80D is a phenomenal camera. But I would not recommend that as a first camera, because It is WAY more capable then what you need and even will be able to use for your first 1 or 2 years. It’s a great camera, But it would be much better to buy a Canon m50 or something and buy a bit more expensive lens to that one.

    2. Big tip, try to start with a camera that cost at most $500. You really don’t need a expensive camera to get phenomenal pictures. also, it’s great to get a cheap camera at first, because you need to get familiar with the whole market and learn what you want a camera to do. I personally went for canon after my beginner camera as I felt they fitted my style of shooting best, but it is very much from person to person and you’ll have to figure that out by yourself.

      One more very impotent thing. Don’t spend all your money on the camera it self. cheap camera with expensive lenses will give you better pictures then expensive camera with cheap lenses!!
      I did this myself, it is mega easy to make that mistake.

  12. The 90D is actually spec and price wise a no brainer. However Canon lacks a fast mid range zoom lens. I’ve been shooting Canon Aps-c for quite a while with the Sigma 18-35 1.8 Art. This lens is superb indeed, but I felt like it was lacking 2-3 mm in the wideangle and atleast 15-20mm in the telephoto range. I ran very often in trouble that the lens was either not wide or not telephoto enough, but didnt wanted to change the lens for a single shot, if it was just a quick snapshot.

    1. @Column Wheel I used the 18-35 as my always on lens. I had other options for the long end, 70-200 2.8. I also wasnt missing the 35-70 range. But I usually didnt wanted to change lenses for a single shot. In the end I carried the heavy 70-200 and only rarely used it, while the sigma was lacking the versatile zoom range I wanted. The 50-100 would be no different to me than my 70-200. A 16-50 range would’ve been ideal, but at 1.8 probably not doable or too big and heavy

  13. Greetings! First let me thank you for the nice listing of camera systems! Though I do have prior experience with Nikon, and currently using Fuji’s X-T3 (with some stellar Fujinon XF lenses), I was strongly considering going the Z7 route, but just concerned with Nikkor S lens availability, as I shoot primarily wide (24, 35), macro/micro (80), and occasional short telephoto (200-300). I know the Sony System has some quite good optics in those ranges, but not sure about Nikon’s roadmap availability (and obviously unknown image quality) of, say, the Nikkor S 105 Micro, and how that would compare to the known stellar Sony 90 f/2.8 Macro G OSS lens. That said, I do love the ergos and body sealing of the Z7. But at the end of the day, I’m most concerned about image sharpness and detail retention when printing large. I’m thinking both systems would satisfy in that regard, but any thoughts on which system would be better for printing large, would be appreciated. Thank you sir!

  14. Hi. I’m looking to buy a camera. Though I’m a beginner but would buy a real good one as photography is my passion. Pls pls suggest a really good one as I’m not a person who changes gadgets very soon. Takes me couple of years. Kindly suggest. Wud really appreciate it.

  15. i dont believe wat this person talking its not the camre which is good it is in the shooter and ur shoot becomes good if u pass it in computer thats the truth about it

    1. Y A Z A V A No need to be sorry 🙂 thank you so much for answering my question, I really appreciate it!

    2. Sorry for late reply. I own 6D and for portraits it’s more than good. Fullframe 6D>90D. (If we talking about portraits)

  16. Also you made a mistake at 7:52 the Z6 doesn’t have the same sensor that one has a 24MP sensor, you might have meant to say the Z7 which also has a 45MP sensor

  17. I think you grossly underrated the Nikon D800/800E and D810. I have owned the D800E for years and I’m keeping it until it dies. Literally.

  18. I’ve been loving my Canon EOS M50. 24MP sensor, Digic 8 processor. Decent autofocus and good for on the go photography. Although a downside is having to buy that adapter for other lenses, that kinda sucks. Just a suggestion though! Especially if you are new into photography, the M50 is pretty cheap!

    1. Lee Kenanis I’ve had it for a while.Would you think upgrading to a RP, 6dm2, 80/90D is it worth it ?

  19. The worst nightmare and misconception in all cameras, are built-in flash. It’s ruining good photos by suddenly popping up and flooding them with sharp white light, making it looking flat.

  20. You said transition to becoming a photography god. I already am one. I know just about everything about photography I just need a camera now that I’m no longer in school using theres. I’m a nationally honored photographer and 2nd place state writer. I need something that’s going to allow me to do photography and photo journalism

  21. Hi! Just watched this video as I’m looking to dip my toe in photography after having my son. What is your recommendation for baby photography, camera and lens? I would like for it to capture the details of his tiny features and face and that it can capture quickly as he doesn’t sit still. Thank you for any help! 🙂

  22. I think he purposefully picked the worst sony on the market 😂 I think the only reason why he even put it on this list is because it’s cheap🙄

  23. The Z6 does not have the same sensor as the D850…the Z7 does. The Z6 has a 24MP sensor. That being said i picked it over the EOS R, EOS RP and the a7III. It is a fantastic camera and with the 24-70 f/4 s lens it takes amazing photos.

  24. The Nikon D810 is much better than every camera on the list except the D850 but cost much less. The D810 is the camera to get if you are serious about photography but don’t want or don’t have 3 grand to spent on a body .

    1. I have the A6400. For the money I believe its one of the best cameras you could possibly buy. It has all the features of a £1500+ camera at a much cheaper price.

      The only drawback I have experienced is the rolling shutter on 4k mode.

      Everything else is excellent.

  25. No micro 4/3? Panasonic video has been ahead of C and N and S for years and used by BBC Attenborough and Nat Geo. Oympus weather sealing is way ahead of semi-pro C and N and their IS is so good you can hand hold up to 5 or 6 seconds and get sharp images.

  26. Are you sure the z6 is the equivalent to the d850?…

    I’m pretty sure this would be the z7 not the z6. Would have expected a bit more researche, if you do a video like this. And what are these cameras? definetly not the best at the market right now, in 2020…
    Dogshit content, but great editting :/

  27. @7:05 Says you would not use the Nikon D850 outside a studio environment, yet he has just been praising its weather-sealing and ruggedness!

  28. The Nikon D850 would be my choice from this list, sounds an excellent pro-grade camera. But I already have a Pentax K-1 and the Nikon sounds very similar, except the Pentax has 36MPx against Nikon’s 45MPx, and 4.5 fps against Nikon’s 7fps. The Pentax is about $1000 cheaper though, and has different advantages including in-body stabilisation.

  29. When I remember back to the film days when one had to seek a shady spot somewhere to laboriously change out the film can after 24 shots, I have a deaf ear to those who complain about having to swap out batteries after several hundred shots. Come on. What, 5 seconds?

    1. But an extra battery would be extra space and weight to carry, and mirrorless are _sold_ on saving them. Trivial, but people here are losing sleep over an extra gram. Mirrorless have only three advantages over DSLR – lighter, smaller and cheaper to make. The makers pocket the cost savings themselves, leaving only size and weight as plusses – and you suggest taking away even those advantages, LoL!

    2. How about changing the plate in a view camera! You are right, young people spend a lot of time whining.

  30. I don’t normally use auto-focus tracking with continuous. I was very surprised at how well the X-T3 held the subject regardless of how quickly I moved around. I was impressed. Must be the new faster processor. Greatly improved over the X-T2.

    1. I usually watch YouTube at 1.25x speed to save time. I thought I had watched this at 1.25x, but when I read your comment I checked, and was surprised to find it was only at 1x speed!

  31. Hi, can you help me out? I have the eos rp and the main screen does something weird, when i bring the brightness up to the max, the screen does some weird things on the highlights. So much so the i prefer to use the view finder to review my photos. I want to know if your camera does the same or if it is my unit. I used the 70d before this and it didn’t had this problem. Thank you

  32. I dropped my SL2 few times on a beach in the sand. And after a gentle vacuum cleaning it’s like new. I bet RP is way more robust than that. The 80D isn’t really weather sealed as well, however mine has been through rain storms, snow, severe humidity, burning sun and freezing cold, not once I had a single issue. So for everyday scenario every camera is weather sealed to some degree. Unless you’re planning to bury it in the sand or drop into the sea.
    For Nikon you have to specify 14 bit RAW since some entry models have only 12 bit option. While every other camera on a market has only 14 bit option. Or 16 bit in some Medium Format.

  33. Lol that 80d has me confused too. Anyways I shoot on a Lumix G85 and I’ve had the 90d on my list for months now to use as my photography camera however I’m currently able to get some beautiful shots out of my LUMIX with a Viltrox speedbooster and a cheap 50mm Canon F1.8 lens, so I’m thinking when I get my Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 and my Sigma 50mm F1.4, I should be able to get even more out of my G85. Let’s see.

  34. D850 top of the top…?
    You’re kidding right? 🤣🤣🤣
    Ever handled an H6D-400 or P-1? That’s top of the top…

    1. @Deon Ellis I knew of Phase 1 but I’d never seen it abbreviated as “P-1”. I’d love one, but it’s a bit out of my price range. Other people here would probably pan it because it has no video capabilty LoL! Everyone seems crazy about video these days 🙁

    2. WTF is a P-1? I found the Hasselblad, but for “P-1” I found a Sony P&S from 2000 with a 3 MPx sensor, a Japanese robot and a German Steam locomotive.

  35. Almost any camera is good, it’s the talent and imagination of the photography. If I could still get Kodachrome my old Nikon F

  36. Don’t know much about photography…starting to learn. My question is about the battery comments. The old 35mm (film) camera we have has a battery that seems to last a long, long time.

    1 – Why do these cameras drain the battery so fast?
    2 – Are rechargeable batteries available for these modern cameras?

    Thanks to any who respond.

    1. The cameras has electronics that drain the battery besides just the photo taking functions..like the LCD screens etc..
      of course all the batteries are rechargeable.

    1. @Ditto 777300 Good advice there with regard to the body, however on an APS-C body, a zoom starting at 100 mm is too close for bigger formations, and 150 is way to big for the wide end of your zoom. In airshows, the passes _worth_ shooting always happen along the display line, which typically is fairly close. Believe it or not, I shoot a manual focus push/pull 70 – 210 mm f/4, and while I do spend time hitting the far end, I do the same on the close end of the zoom, too. One reason I shoot a manual focus, is that I am focused to infinity 99% of the time anyway. As soon as the camera points up and not at the crowd or static display, I automatically default to infinity focus, which is easy on older manual focus glass, since they typically have a hard stop, which can be calibrated, at infinity. And these lens designs are typically parfocal as well, so your focus won’t change whem zooming, especially not the infinity focus. So with the focus ring at the counterclockwise limit, I can really push or pull any composition quickly and very precicely. I often see fellows around me struggling to get a couple shots off, at one zoom setting, while I pull a series of shots filling my buffer. My whole setup also weighs much less than those 600mm monsters some guys bing to these airshows. Not having a lot of weight and shorter focal length also means I am precise and steady when following through a flyby. And trust me, after a few hours, you *do* notice a difference… Other than an old push-pull you can find on e-bay for very little money, or if it should be modern glass, I’d go with the 70-300 L, or even the fist-gen push-pull 100-400 L but then rather on a full-frame body, on APS-C you’ll end up yearning for those extra 30mm at the close end. Especially when you want to have context in your composition such as clouds, ground, smoke, etc. And it’s often that context that makes a good airshow photo, and not the “closeness” to the plane. If you want to shoot a detail of a plane, you do that best on a static display, and not while it’s in-flight. If you want to get really close, on, say a taxiing plane, put a long prime on a cheap second body (a generation down, and/or used) is always an option.

    2. Tom Nook I would go with the 90d + like a sigma 100-400 or a sigma 150-600. This is what I personally am saving up for. The 10fps, amazing battery life, great grip for big lenses, and the optical viewfinder make it and the 80d probably the most popular air show cameras.

  37. Got the RP, battery lasts 400 shots at least. I did a 30min Video, 1080p 60fps plus 150 shots raw and the battery was still fine.
    Its a good camera to get into full frame and gather lenses, before you switch to a better body in 2-3 years

  38. I own Nikon D850. I find the images have dark and deep shadows, and a dark cast, almost low key. They are bold, almost cartoonish. I want to bring out more details, and a fine brush finstead of the thick brush finish. A bit better using the Active Delighting XHigh. Is Cannon better in that respect?

  39. 1:27 WRONG!!! photographer does make the camera but I’ve shoot astrophotography on my v20 and its horrible compared to my d3500 with my 50mmfx 1.8d

    1. The 80D looks identical to the 90D. It’s a very minor slip.

      His review is spot on though – the 90D is freaking awesome for wildlife. I use it all the time now – my alternative is the 5Div which has now been relegated to mostly studio & portrait work.

      One thing he didn’t mention is that the 90D uses Canon’s newer CR3 format which cannot be viewed natively in Windows, even with one of the 3rd party image codec programs. You can view the images in Canon’s own Digital Photography Pro program, Adobe Bridge or, perhaps best of all, Faststone which gives you the capability of previewing the image full size and then launching Photoshop directly from there.

    1. Great point. I own a hassleblad X1d and a red camera. I never talk about either because those are 20k/ 40k cameras and really out of reach for most, they are really rental items not something you buy every couple of years. rarely do people own them. It would be like me talking about ferrari/ lambos.

    1. Sony are at heart a consumer company. They will do what is most profitable and that might not be cameras in future. They bought into cameras in 2006 at the height of the DSLR craze, but in April 2020 they have separated the division that includes cameras, possibly to sell it off. Reviews have mostly commented that Sonys are flimsy and overheat.

    1. Tech Through The Lens I can understand..Thanks for the wonderful video…Thought I will get more insight about the Canon 80D, wether its still a relevant DSLR today…

  40. I like the concept of the video but i feel like your all over the place you should catalog these better such as under 1000 apsc or for beginners

  41. So what Camera do you Recommend for what i want it for.
    Car shows
    Car Roll shots
    More for Outdoor Daytime & Definitely Night time shoots?

    1. @Tech Through The Lens thanks alot for getting back at me and yea i love the Sony’s, and i was thinking of getting the Sony a6500. I’ll definitely see what route i go thank you and stay safe.

    2. I think in your case sony a6500/ sony a6400/ sony a7III. Fast camera, and lots of room to edit photos 🙂 Hope this helped

    3. Go full frame for night shots but any full frame is good just depends on your taste canon have there color science sony got the auto focus and nikon the in between also Panasonic if your gonna do video best ibis

  42. I think the best camera is the one that fits you best, too often we are told by reviews and other avenues that for example one day it is “The Canon EOS R is the last camera you might ever need” then 3 months later you hear another person claiming the Sony A7III is the best and last one you will ever need, etc. The sad reality is photography is an expensive hobby or interest to have most average working people would be lucky to even afford a Canon t5. I love your reviews as they are not brand specific and trust me that never works if people only ever review one brand it is not very informative. I just think that for many out there who want to become a better photographer earning income from it feel it will never happen unless they own a $6,000 camera.

    1. @Tech Through The Lens I do agree I just know for myself and others once you get that great camera you want, you find out the next best thing just came out. Haha I have a Canon t7i, while hoping to get the Canon EOS R next.

    2. very insightful. Something to think about!
      But I think most people can earn money even with a 1K camera, or just do it for the love of it

  43. I am owner of a canon 80d so i came this video by watching canon 80d photo in your thumbnail however it is a good fantastic camera all time…. ❤❤

  44. Hi there.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately of wanting to buy a Canon 800D, but the cam in my samsnung S10 + is just as good.
    I want to learn how to take some more quality pictures there for a “real” cam. what is your advice to me?
    keep my phone or give them about 500usd for a Canon

  45. The RP is weather sealed. Idk why so many people get it wrong. Also I’d take the m50 over the A6000 for $550. Been using the m50 over a year.

    1. I’ve used the A6000. Didn’t play with the raw files though. It just feels like a toy. I don’t like the ergonomics and those screens are subpar. The m50 has a mic jack too.

    2. Tech Through The Lens the m50 is drops off fast above iso 1600. Canon Raw files are notorious for artifacts when you lift the shadows too far from pitch black. The sensors aren’t ISO invariant. Btw I use it with the kit lens and an adapted 50mm 1.8. I have a Pentax 135 2.8 also adapted. I used the 24mm 2.8 stm. About to buy one for myself. I also just bought a manual focus 35mm 1.7 newer/meike. Pretty cheap and good lens.

    3. definitely an interesting perspective. But duely noted, i should give the m50 more love. Thnx sam! what kind of lenses are you sing with it?

      Both cameras are in the 600 dollar range. And If its just about photos, I’m gonna go with the camera that shoots faster, has a better raw codec and is amazing in low light. I can see how someone would like the m50. But in this case, I thought the m50 would be better.

    4. definitely an interesting perspective. But duely noted, i should give the m50 more love. Thnx sam!

  46. Hey, excellent video! I’m new to the photography world and need some help. I have the Nikon D3500, and for some reason on Manual mode, I can’t get below F5.0. I remember right when I started, lowest was F3.5. Anything I can do?

    1. Great question, And an easy solution. Most likely you have your lense zoomed in. Try setting you lense to 18mm, or the wider side of the zoom. And you should be able to open up to 3.5. The kit lens does not have a constant aperture. This is common.

    1. @K Williamson I would definitely go with the 90d! actually maybe even a sony camera. With weddings, you have to have a camera that can shoot at a super-high frame rate and a big buffer! SO, the RP will not cut it. I would get one of the following. canon 90d/ a6500/ canon 5dIV/ A7III. If it was me I would get the a7III for the low light and fast shooting speeds/ plus it does video very well! cheers!

    2. @Tech Through The Lens Excellent advise! Thank you so much. Sorry I didn’t give enough context, yes I am a beginner photography looking at getting into portrait and wedding photography.

      Again I truly appreciate you advise!

    3. BOTH are great. And I really appreciate you looking to the future, smart thinking. If you are a photographer, you probably love the full frame look. If you are a video guy, you are probably used to shoot in the apsc, 35mm format. I would get R/ RP for photo and 90d for video. If you are a cinematic filmmaker, who does short films, get the R, you will get the full frame look, c log profile and 10 bit clean out to an external recorder.

  47. It sounds like the D90 has the best price per performance ratio. It’s not a full-frame camera like the RP, but the RP’s lack of weather and dust protection means that it probably won’t last.

    1. @Tech Through The Lens The RP may be CONSIDERED to be weather-sealed, but as you pointed out, there is no closing of shutters to keep dust off the sensors. I’m no expert, but dust on the sensors cannot be considered a good thing.

    2. Hey, I am a big fan of correcting myself. Apparently, the RP is considered weather sealed. So, that’s my mistake. But also when you look at the rugged DSLR body of 90D vs the Rp body. My money is not the 90D. But again just my opinion, I can see a canon tech jumping in here and telling me how looks can be deceiving. Lmk your thoughts

    1. Similar, if i had to chooce , I would choose the a6000 because of the raw horsepower. But the benefit of the xt20 is the built-in film emulations.

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